Mini Grids: Providing electricity to Myanmar’s communities away from the grid

Mini Grids: Providing electricity to Myanmar’s communities away from the grid

In Myanmar, approximately 70 percent of the population and 84 percent of the rural households do not have access to electricity. The Myanmar National Electrification Plan (NEP), funded by the World Bank and other partners, aims to achieve 100 percent electrification by 2030. However, the challenge to reach this goal is huge. Electricity shortages and supply disruptions are widespread in Myanmar due to under-investment in the sector.

Mini grids using locally engineered and financed technology have played a crucial role in the provision of electricity for thousands of villages in the country. These mini-grids largely emerged due to the entrepreneurial drive from the local private sector and community organizations with little or no public sector support. They also simultaneously reflect the determination and ingenuity of many local communities in finding alternatives to candles and kerosene.

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Wondering What an #Energy #Technology "Petting Zoo" Event Is?

Leaders in Energy and Potential Energy DC will be co-host a showcase of energy and environmental solutions that you can see and touch (yes, the petting part) - from entrepreneurs right here in the DMV (not the Division of Motor Vehicles) on Wednesday, May 27th, at TeqCorner (near Tyson's Corner and accessible by Metro at 1616 Anderson Road, McLean, VA 22102), from 6 - 8 pm.

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There is no energy crisis.

The world is awash in energy. The sun will always shine, the wind will always blow, and the tides will always ebb and flow. The world even harbors vastly more fossil fuels than we can afford to burn.