Our Mission:  We are a community of leaders working to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions for a more sustainable energy system, economy, and greener world.

How can Leaders in Energy (LE) help you to make an impact?  Almost daily, we hear disturbing news about how we are pushing the boundaries of our planetary life support systems.  At the same time, we read about exciting technological developments where prices are coming down, e.g., solar; new innovation in nanotechnology, micro-turbines, fuel cells, algae production for fuels and to absorb carbon, etc.

LE takes a multi-perspective view of energy that includes the environment and also extends to other areas like economy, jobs, and finance to transform society.  We are seeking to connect people to share success stories — including on technology, social and economic innovation such as – new business models, etc. to help:

  • unleash and foster economic transformation that regenerates, rather than destroys our global ecological systems;
  • enable more people to work in and create clean/green economy jobs and enterprises; and
  • grow related business, economic development, and entrepreneurship opportunities in our local areas, and then in regions, nationally, and internationally.

Harnessing Our Global Network to Make Transformative Change

With the internet and digital revolution, it has become easier to connect with people in a networked world.   Thus, we are utilizing the power of the networked world for knowledge-sharing that leads to action and impact via collaborative partnerships, projects, jobs, etc. through our educational events, workshops, working groups, and Tech Tours.  We work through our on-line and in person platforms, to connect, educate, and empower individuals on best practices and success stories to build and transfer collective knowledge and action to further enhance sustainable practices in communities.

With operations in Metro Washington DC, we’ve built a base that spans a reach of 6,000 people in many U.S. cities and in over 100 countries through our-in-person and virtual community.   LE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is currently most active in the Metropolitan DC area and is seeking to formalize its virtual network in the future in other regions. We’re non-partisan and welcome all to join our mission.

Our programs have grown organically into 4 focus areas listed below which includes connecting people to help them find green jobs and connect businesses who offer sustainable solutions with those in the market who are seeking green economy solutions.

4 Pillars

  • Green Jobs Help people connect to find jobs via green employers and/or create their own jobs in the green sector via partner incubators
  • Marketplace and Economy – Help educate people on the benefits of sustainable solutions  and connect them with vendors providing them;
  • Green Finance – Help entrepreneurs and others developing sustainable solutions to connect with public and private sources of funding
  • Multi-generational Leadership Convene expertise in topics across the clean/green economy spectrum and recognize multi-generational leadership (annual Four Generations Awards)

How Can You Help to Accelerate and Scale Clean Energy & Sustainable Solutions for Sustainable Communities? 

Our rapidly growing global member base consists of individuals that are passionate about contributing to the development of sustainable and environmentally
responsible communities around the world.  We are working to transfer knowledge on best practices and success stories from various regions to help accelerate and scale sustainable solutions.

For example, we have been working to build a circular economy in the Metropolitan Washington area. We have been educating others on various efforts taking place on the circular
economy in other areas of the world such as in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Glasgow, Scotland to provide input on innovative models that are being implemented.

LE is currently working to expand its network by formalizing its connections in its social media group by build its Ambassador program in various regions.

We conduct “Signature events” in each of these 4 areas to bring people together to build the collective capacity to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions.   The events are essentially “creation spaces”
where we work to connect people and spark new opportunities for serendipity or positive change encounters to occur where people can find others working on similar endeavors in green jobs, new businesses, and research.

We have two working groups on the Circular Economy and Green Jobs.  We also conduct Green Career workshops and will be rolling out our first Green Leaders
in the near future.

In addition to our programs in the greater Washington area, we are also working to more formally build our current on-line network into a physical presence in other regions through our emerging Leaders in Energy Ambassador program.

Our on-line discussions and programs span topics such as:

  • Clean energy
  • Renewable, fossil, nuclear, and energy storage technology;
  • Circular Economy
  • Utilities of the Future and microgrids
  • Energy and water issues;
  • Green infrastructure;
  • Biodiversity;
  • Community and corporate responsibility;
  • Green careers, leadership, and finance
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • And more

Learn more and get involved:  Connect with our on-line community at leadersinenergy.org.  Subscribe to our email to learn about our
events and program, join us via our group on LinkedIn (and follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages), attend our events, working groups, and workshops;
and volunteer for an event or serve on our Board and team.  This is also a great way to network with others in this field.

What We Do for Our Leaders in Energy Community In Advancing Our Mission

  • Utilize on-line platforms and in-person meeting venues to help connect members on green jobs, business, research, and project opportunities, e.g., website, LinkedIn group, videoconferencing to connect other leaders from across the Washington DC area, US, and globe;
  • Provide forums for leaders in clean energy and sustainability to be heard by those aspiring to make similar impacts;
  • Generate recaps of our education events, discuss developments in technology and related policies in this arena, provide thought leadership articles; and
  • Conduct professional and educational networking events, workshops, and working groups.   Learn more about our Circular Economy Working Group here.   We also have a Green Jobs Working Group which is researching the needs of employers and green jobs seekers.   Learn more on how to participate by sending a message to info@leadersinenergy.org.