Leaders in Energy is building a community of engaged leaders to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions.

Our work aims to connect a number of key stakeholders with aligned interests to advance our mission in our key areas of focus including sustainable communities, the green economy (jobs and finance), and multigenerational leadership.

We connect job seekers to hiring managers and employers, energy suppliers with solutions to the market (including business and consumers); technology and social innovators to investors; and industry experts with our action network.  See the diagram below with our stakeholder community.

Leaders in Energy serves as a platform to help our community of members and sponsors connect with one another on opportunities that lead to creating impact by mobilizing talent and resources for the green economy as well as increasing transactions that to help build the green economy through goods and services.

Key Building Blocks:

  • Attract Leaders (current and aspiring) who are passionate about thinking, collaborating on, and seeking solutions to energy, environmental, and sustainability challenges;
  • Recruit talent from ALL generations, e.g., Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer, and World War II/Traditionalist (as well as ALL genders and ethnicities) to creatively innovate and address our current challenges;
  • Utilize on-line platforms and in-person meeting venues to CONNECT members on green job, business, research, professional development, and project opportunities to create a more REGENERATIVE ECONOMY AND PLANET;
  • Provide forums for leaders in clean energy and sustainability to be heard by those aspiring to make similar IMPACTS;
  • Open to ALL energy and sustainability solutions, e.g., technologies, policies, social innovation, etc;
  • Seek common ground to “MOVE THE NEEDLE” and lead on “BIG IDEAS.”

What We Do for Our Leaders in Energy Community (Members and Sponsors) In Advancing Our Mission

  • Serve as a conduit for aspiring leaders and interested professionals to connect with leaders, companies, and other venues that can help them to gain the requisite professional development and experience to contribute and transition to livelihoods that are restorative and regenerative for the planet rather than extractive and destructive (e,g,, Green Jobs event where we profiled members who had found green jobs via our group);
  • Utilize on-line platforms and in-person meeting venues to help connect members on green job, business, research, and project opportunities, e.g., website, LinkedIn group, videoconferencing to connect other leaders from across the Washington DC area, US, and globe;
  • Provide forums for leaders in clean energy and sustainability to be heard by those aspiring to make similar impacts;
  • Generate recaps of our education events, discuss developments in technology and related policies in this arena, provide thought leadership articles; and
  • Conduct professional and educational networking events, workshops, and working groups.   Learn more about our Circular Economy Working Group here.   We also have a Green Jobs Working Group which is researching the needs of employers and green jobs seekers.   Learn more on how to participate by sending a message to info@leadersinenergy.org.