As the clean energy and sustainability market continues to grow, this market is becoming a focus for employment opportunities. For many, it’s a question of what information is available on green jobs, and/or can I create a green job within my existing organization?  Or how can I find a green job or become a green entrepreneur? For more information on finding a green job, check out the links below.

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Green Jobs Websites:

Green Jobs Network

Environmental Career Opportunities

International Society of Sustainability Professionals – Career Center


Sustainable – Sustainability news, networking & jobs for green business

Green Collar Blog

UCLA Green Career Pathway

Guide to Green Careers

Novoresume Green Careers Guide

Solar Career and Training Portal:

Leaders in Energy continues to focus on green jobs and has held events on how to find or create a green job. Check out the presentations at the link below. Also, check the events calendar for future events on green jobs.


Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium:

This site provides a list of energy and STEM education programs in the state including community colleges, high schools, colleges, and more.  (

Green Jobs Presentations:


Sustainability Jobs: The Complete Guide to Landing Your Dream Green Job, By Kevin Wilhelm et al, 2016

Sustainability at Work: Careers that make a difference, Marilyn Waite, 2017

Sustainability Demystified! A Practical Guide for Business Leaders and Managers, Norman Christopher, 2012


Additional Higher Education and Labor Trend Resources – a research and media organization focused extensively on higher education and labor trends in the online higher education sectors.  They have recently updated their College Career Guides to help job seekers, professionals, and students understand the changing landscapes of these programs and their impact on careers and employment. You can view the guides here: