Leaders in Energy Ambassador Program

Leaders in Energy (LE) is rapidly growing its footprint on a global scale.  Its member base consists of individuals that are passionate about contributing to the development of sustainable and environmentally responsible communities around the world.  However, we recognize that each individual community is unique in terms of its local infrastructure, natural resources, labor force, industrial activity, regulatory policies and incentives, pace of economic development, and future energy and resource needs.  The LE Ambassador Program is focused on building an effective global action network that aligns and connects at distinct local and regional levels a diverse set of participants that have a shared but direct stake in the sustainable development of their community.

The goals of the Ambassador program are to:

–Provide structure, framework, and resources to help develop action networks both within the US and internationally led by regional Chapter Ambassadors

–Collaboratively ensure integration and communication of lessons learned and best practices for sustainable development of communities across regions

LE Chapters provide opportunities for members to collaborate on activities to advance sustainable development practices. Our Chapter Ambassadors are individuals that are passionate about promoting a cleaner and greener planet and take a keen interest in staying abreast of the sustainability landscape and initiatives within their local ecosystem. Outreach and coordination activities carried out by our Chapter Ambassadors include:

–Communicating and gaining regional support for LE’s mission
–Engaging with potential members and onboarding new members into LE
–Identifying and creating opportunities for forums and events for member interactions
–Identifying and sharing information related to recent successes and best practices, upcoming LE events, and volunteer opportunities
–Content generation and blogging on topics of interest and relevance to the community
–Interfacing with other Chapter Ambassadors to exchange lessons learned and best practices


If you are interested in becoming a Leaders in Energy Ambassador, please send an email to info@leadersinenergy with the subject header of “Ambassador Program.”