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Building a Global Action Network

We are building a global community to connect those seeking to scale and accelerate clean energy and sustainable solutions around the world. With operations in Metro Washington DC, we’ve built a base that spans most major metropolitan areas and over 100 countries.  See our global members map (based on our Leaders in Energy LinkedIn group which you can join here).

Learn more here about our mission and our four categories of stakeholders that we connect to help address their challenges or problems.   We help them get to an outcome — like moving ahead in a green career, making real change, staying abreast of trends and developments in the field, collaborating on clean energy policies, making business partnerships, and/or finding investment opportunities for their innovative technologies.

The Leaders in Energy Ambassador Program

The LE Ambassador Program is focused on building an effective global action network that aligns and connects at distinct local and regional levels a diverse set of participants that have a shared but direct stake in the sustainable development of their community.  Outreach and coordination activities carried out by our Chapter Ambassadors include:

–Identifying and sharing information related to recent successes and best practices, upcoming LE events, and volunteer opportunities
–Content generation and blogging on topics of interest and relevance to the community
–Interfacing with other Chapter Ambassadors to exchange lessons learned and best practices
–Communicating and gaining regional support for LE’s mission
–Engaging with potential members and onboarding new members into LE
–Identifying and creating opportunities for forums and events for member interactions
–Creating strategic partnerships at the local level

Learn more here about our Ambassador Program.

Global map Placeholder
Global map
1361+ members
40+ members
24+ members
14+ members
7+ members
1-7 members

Global Members in USA

Top Ten U.S. Cities/Metro Areas – Leaders in Energy Members
Us Region Placeholder
Us Region
Washington DC 1000+ members
New York 101+ members
San Francisco 70+ members
Baltimore 56+ members
Texas (including Austin, Dallas and Houston 44+ members
Denver 43+ members
Chicago 25+ members
in Miami, Florida 11+ members
Portland 11+ members
Charlotte, NC 8+ members