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Mobilizing Change for “The Big Green Shift”

Welcome to our community of leaders working to scale and accelerate clean energy and sustainability solutions. Scientists and others are calling for a massive shift in the way we think, work, and live for planetary habitability. At Leaders in Energy, we refer to this as “The Big Green Shift.” We are working to build a bridge to a more sustainable future to decarbonize our energy system and reduce our human ecological footprint along the lines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Learn more about our programs in the video on this page.

Join our global action network to connect with people in the US and around the world (in over 100 countries) who are passionate about making a difference.  We conduct monthly forums, including workshops, where we convene experts in our focus areas including sustainable communities, green economy, and multigenerational leadership.  We also help our members connect with one another on opportunities related to employment and business partnering.

We are a non-profit 501-c-3 organization.

Circular Economy and Sustainability Marketplace

We have worked on actions and strategies ranging from consensus building to convening experts on energy systems such as microgrids to reduce greenhouse gases and taking actions to move from a throwaway society to a circular economy.

Join us for our monthly Circular Economy Working Group meetings and learn more here.

We are working to create sustainable marketplace solutions by connecting those who want to DEPLOY sustainable solutions with companies and vendors who can PROVIDE those solutions.  We have conducted seven annual Clean Energy and Sustainability Extravaganza events at universities in the Washington DC region to bring together university research and innovation with vendors working in clean energy and sustainable solutions.  See the recap articles from our February 29, 2020 event at the University of Maryland-College Park.  These events have been conducted with the Association of Energy Engineers National Capital Chapter.

Consolidated Presentations from the Extravaganza including the three panels – CWEEL, University and Business Showcase Panels

Keynote Address presentation by Dr. Reinhard Radermacher

The Role of Universities in Affordable Clean Energy (Business Showcase Panel), by Aakansha Lam, Energy Scalable, Inc.

Green Economy

Green Jobs and Careers

We work to help connect those seeking to land or create a green job through our annual Green Jobs Forums, Green Career Workshops, and Green Career Momentum programs. We also publicize green job listings in our biweekly newsletters.

Leaders in Energy has conducted six annual Green Job Forums.  See the recap articles from our August 2019 Forum below which featured at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments which featured officials from around the region in clean tech and employment services as well as LE members who had found or created green jobs to give their advice and tips to others.

Leaders in Energy 2019 Green Jobs Forum ─ A Hit with Green Career and Job Seekers! by Xavier Vergara and Janine Finnell

Growing the Green Economy, Careers, and Jobs in the DMV Region, by Janine Finnell

6th Annual Green Jobs Forum Exhibitors Showcase a Vast Range of Green Economy Career Opportunities by Miriam Aczel

Green Finance

Leaders in Energy has conducted six annual events on clean energy finance to bring together those seeking finance with investors and investor entities with financial resources.  See recap articles on the panels from our January Green Financing 2020 (with Potential Energy DC).  Recap articles from other past events are located in our Event Archives.

Clean Energy Project Funding Opportunities Highlighted at Green Financing Forum: Part 1, by Augustin Cruz

Clean Energy Project Funding Opportunities Highlighted at Green Financing Forum: Part 2, by Agustin Cruz

Multigenerational Leadership

We recognize clean energy and sustainability leaders who are making an impact across each of the 4 generations in the workplace – GenZ, Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer through our annual Four Generations of Leaders in Clean Energy and Sustainability Solutions Awards Celebrations.  Learn more about our awardees of the last seven years in our Four Generations Hall of Fame.

Building a Global Action Network

We are building a global community to connect those seeking to scale and accelerate clean energy and sustainable solutions around the world. With operations in Metro Washington DC, we’ve built a base that spans most major metropolitan areas and over 100 countries.  Click the header to view a global members map.

Learn more here about our mission and our four categories of stakeholders that we connect to help address their challenges or problems.   We help them get to an outcome — like moving ahead in a green career, making real change, staying abreast of trends and developments in the field, collaborating on clean energy policies, making business partnerships, and/or finding investment opportunities for their innovative technologies.

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