• Join Leaders in Energy (Click here to join as member; “Leaders in Energy Research, Communications, Policies & Analysis LinkedIn Group”; like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter) to connect with other current and aspiring leaders and professionals and provide you with increased professional visibility;
  • Attend events to meet with others in the region in your areas of interest and/or expertise;
  • LEAD an event as an organizer or speaker to promote your particular area of interest and/or expertise;
  • HOST/co-host monthly networking functions at your facility or off-site; and
  • Gain key visibility as a LEADER by sponsoring a LEADERS IN ENERGY event.

We Help Our Members Connect with One Another to:

  • Explore employment opportunities;
  • Discuss potential business partnering;
  • Identify potential speaking engagements and upcoming professional conferences; and
  • Network with other leaders and professionals with similar strategic interests.

Our Leadership Community is Growing

  • During the past two years we have seen tremendous growth in the Leaders in Energy professional networking and educational group. Since December 2014 membership in the LinkedIn group has nearly doubled to over 2,200 members from around the world. In addition, Leaders in Energy also has a following of over 1,200 in the Washington DC Metro area.
  • The group develops and exchanges information and ideas through its educational and professional networking on-line and in-person events on on energy, environmental, and sustainability topics to enable and create a sustainable energy system, economy, and world.
  • Our members hail from Washington DC, other parts of the United States, and many other countries around the world.

What We Do for Our Members and the “Greater Good”/World:

  • Serve as a conduit for aspiring leaders and interested professionals to connect with leaders, companies, and other venues that can help them to gain the requisite professional development and experience to contribute and transition to livelihoods that are restorative and regenerative for the planet rather than extractive and destructive (e,g,, Green Jobs event where we profiled members who had found green jobs via our group);
  • Utilize on-line platforms and in-person meeting venues to help connect members on green job, business, research, and project opportunities, e.g., website, LinkedIn group, Google Hangout conversations to connect other leaders from across the globe;
  • Provide forums for leaders in clean energy and sustainability to be heard by those aspiring to make similar impacts;
  • Generate recaps of our education events, discuss developments in technology and related policies in this arena, provide thought leadership articles; and
  • Conduct professional and educational networking events in addition to workshop involving, e.g., hands on/real world, e.g., March 2015 workshop on Circular Economy at Alexandria Renew wastewater treatment plant.