The Circular Economy Working Group seeks to emulate nature by closing the loop of resource use and recycling, where nothing is wasted and everything serves a purpose!   

Join us for our Circular Economy Working Group meetings which are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month.   Our next working group meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 22nd at the Cove on 1666 Connecticut Ave, from 6pm to 7:30pm. 

Our night will begin with a full 30 minutes of networking and informal conversation followed by a more organized discussion of a provocative new article from GreenBiz “Its time to trash recycling“.  Given our past conversations on recycling, and many of the big changes to commodity prices and glass and plastic recycling policy in the DC area, it will be a lively conversation! So please join us — and read the article in advance.
You are also welcome you to join our Google Group to share resources and articles and build the CE community here in the DMV. You can sign up for that here: 
You can RSVP here for our meetings and join the Circular Economy Google Group to be notified of the location and receive other updates for this group’s activities.
From the CE Working Group Chair – Clifford Deaton (for questions you can reach him at


Articles on Our Circular Economy Activities:

Transforming Waste into Energy for the Circular Economy – Canada- USA Event (at the Canadian Embassy on October 25, 2018), by Dina Mansour

Circular Economy Working Tour of C2 Management Facility, September 22, 2018, by Michelle Minstrell

Sunshine in a Glass — Sustainable Vineyard Tour, September 22, 2018, by Elvin Yuzugullu

Steps Toward Action in the Circular Economy, Circular Economy Workshop at the University of the District of Columbia, September 29, 2017;

Entrepreneurial Solutions for Sustainable Facilities in the Circular Economy, held in Crystal City, May 24, 2016; and

Sustainable Manufacturing Workshop & Tour Was a Hit with Attendees,  Alexandria Renewable Enterprise in Alexandria, Virginia, May 19, 2015