Leaders in Energy 2017 Year in Review


In 2017 Leaders in Energy continued to mature in its mission to build a community of leaders and a global action network to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions for a more sustainable energy system, economy, and world.

Our membership continued to grow in the Washington DC area, with 1,500 members on our mailing list, in addition to our LinkedIn group with over 2,900 members. We have a presence in most major U.S. metropolitan areas and over 100 countries.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Janine Finnell and our Board, Team Members and Advisors, the organization has provided important forums for clean energy and sustainability in the DC area, as well as nationally and globally. Our events last year came at a time of immense change and new threats, but also new opportunities to cement the transition to a green economy.

Here are some of the highlights.

Multigenerational Leadership and Talent

Four Generations Awards – December

Leadership has become one of the key pillars of our outreach. This past December leaders from four generations were recognized for their contributions to the clean energy field. For the first time, we gave a Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to S. David Freeman.

Throughout the year attendees learned the leadership skills that are needed for the green economy. Elsewhere, members wrestled with the political leadership changes in this country and their implications for the lofty agenda set in the 2015 Paris Agreement and President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

CWEEL Panel – February

Sustainable Communities

Living Building at the Alice Ferguson Foundation

The second pillar is sustainable communities, which includes encouraging clean energy technologies and promoting the principles of the circular economy. Leaders in Energy hosted a workshop in October on the circular economy and launched a working group to take a deep dive into the opportunities that are available in this area, so that we can move away from a throwaway society.

Energy Infrastructure and Cybersecurity – June

Green Economy

Green Financing – January

Our third pillar is where we take what we’ve learned and what we are passionate about and try to make some money. For the fourth year running, we held our Green Jobs Forum and job fair, highlighting Leaders in Energy members who have landed a green job or have become an entrepreneur. This year we were pleased to welcome Beth Offenbacker, PhD, as the facilitator of a Green Career workshop (to be reprised this January).

Green Jobs – August

Sponsors and Partners

This year we were supported by many important sponsors and partners, including ACE, ArlingtonGreen, CadmusCareer Confidence, Carrier, Cisco, Coffeffe, The College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) at the University of the District of Columbia, CSRA, Darktrace, DC Net Impact, DC Sustainable Energy Utility, Edison Electric Institute, Edge Hosting, eSai LLC, FilmBison Media, Green Leaders DC, GRID Alternatives Mid-AtlanticGroupsense, Home Energy Medics, Industrial Ecosystems Partners, LLC, International Society of Sustainability Professionals, Johnson Controls, Longenecker & Associates, MeteoViva, Microgrid Knowledge, MOM’s Organic Market, Nissan Leaf, Potential Energy DC, Resilient Virginia, Tesla, The Solar Foundation, Sourcebooks, Thermaxx Jackets, United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (UNA-NCA), U.S. Green Building Council, VMDO, Water Management, Inc., Waterford, Inc., 40 Plus, among others.

Starting off 2018 on a good foot

We invite you to join our community of leaders. Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. There are many stories of our members connecting to find green jobs, get inspired, and collaborate on projects to make a difference by advancing clean energy and sustainable solutions for a more sustainable energy system, economy, and world.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for 2018:

  • January 18: Clean energy project financing
  • January 24: Green career workshop
  • February 23: 4th annual Clean Energy and Sustainability Extravaganza – University of Maryland
  • August 16: 5th annual green jobs forum
  • December 7: 5th annual Four Generations of Clean Energy and Sustainable Solutions Awards

Leaders in Energy is building a community of engaged leaders to create a sustainable energy system, economy, and world. The three main areas of action are the green economy, sustainable communities, and multigenerational leadership. With operations in Metro Washington DC, we’ve built a base that spans most major metropolitan areas and over 100 countries. More information is available at https://www.leadersinenergy.org and in the Leaders in Energy Research, Communication, Policies & Analysis (LERCPA) LinkedIn group.

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