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Bill Brandon
Bill Brandon


Bill Brandon, moderator of our June 22 event on The Evolving Bioeconomy and Renewable Fuels, asked us to email out the following additional materials to help spur the discussion at the event. We thought it might be helpful to share them again on our blog. Thanks again to all of our panelists, contributors, and guests for making our event a huge success!

How advanced biofuels piggy back on first generation refineries

Cellulosic Ethanol is Getting a Big Boost from Corn, for Now

Algae based bio-products: CO2 to fuel and chemicals using microalgae

Joule Unlimited: A Direct CO2-to-Fuels Platform: Solar, Scalable and Sustainable 

Algenol Biofuels Youtube playlist

Joule Wins Key Patent for Direct Conversion of CO2 to Hydrocarbon Fuels

BIO paper: Estimating Chilled Investment for Advanced Biofuels Due to RFS Uncertainty

What’s Up With Algae Now (Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest)


IMG_0591E30 benefits

Understanding the Emissions Benefits of Higher Ethanol Blends: EPA Modeling Fails to tell the Whole story (Steve Vander Griend, Ethanol Across America)

Increasing Biofuel Deployment through the Use of High Octane Fuels (Tim Theiss, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

High Octane Fuels Can Make Better Use of Renewable Transportation Fuels (Brian West, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

The Need for a New Fuel Paradigm: Transitioning from Legacy Fuels to Modern Efficient Fuels  (Bill Brandon, Part 1, Leaders in Energy blog)

Up with Octane and Down with Aromatics: Continuing Health Concerns with Petroleum Fuels and The Need for Engine Efficiency  (Bill Brandon, Part 2, Leaders in Energy blog)

Ethanol and Butanol

Ethanol and Butanol: Symbiotic Partners for a Modern Fuel (Bill Brandon and Richard Ezike, PhD, Reprinted with Permission from

U.S. Department of Energy Multi-year Program Plan

The U.S. Department Multi-Year Program Plan (MYPP) sets forth the goals and structure of the Bioenergy Technologies Office. It identifies the research, development, demonstration, and deployment activities the Office will focus on over the next five years and outlines why these activities are important to meeting the energy and sustainability challenges facing the nation.

U.S. Department of Energy Multi-Year Program Plan for Bioenergy Technologies, Update as of March 2015

Bioenergy Global Trends

Bioenergy Can Deliver One Third of Renewable Fuels by Mid-Century, According to Recent Report from BBC News

Jobs, Education, and Careers in Bioenergy and the Bioeconomy Field

Presentation from Dan Smolen, Finding a Job in the Bioeconomy

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