Growing Green Careers, Jobs, and Businesses for a Clean Economy — Attend the Green Jobs Forum on August 16th in DC to learn more!

Growing Green Careers, Jobs, and Businesses for a Clean Economy — Attend the Green Jobs Forum on August 16th in DC to learn more!


Cleantech and sustainability jobs are among the fastest-growing segments of the economy!  In their report, Now Hiring: The Growth of America’s Clean Energy & Sustainability Jobs, EDF and Meister Consultants Group estimates that sustainability collectively represents 4-4.5 million jobs in the U.S. According to International Labour Organization’s report, World Employment and Social Outlook 2018: Greening with Jobs, 6 million new jobs will be created by 2030 by transforming from a linear economic model of extracting, making, using, and disposing to a ‘circular economy’ with activities like recycling, repairing, sharing, leasing, and remanufacturing. Other key findings are that 2.5 million jobs will be created in renewables-based electricity. Doing well while doing good is on the rise!

Leaders in Energy will be holding its 5th annual Green Jobs Forum on the topic of “Growing a Regional Clean Economy” at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) on August 16th, from 5-9 pm. Pizza and beverages will be served.

Plus we’re offering special green career and networking workshops during the day!

In this year’s Forum, we’ll learn about initiatives in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia to help create a clean economy by growing and attracting businesses to the area, and placing and training people for green jobs.  And we’ll hear from people who have already made their way into great green jobs!

Leaders in Energy is a community of engaged leaders advancing solutions for a sustainable energy system, economy, and world. Headquartered in metro Washington, D.C., its membership spans the globe.

Here’s a peak into the Green Jobs Forum program!

· Hear opening remarks from the MWCOG on supporting vocational training for the clean economy and developing incentives for green/clean tech businesses to locate within the jurisdiction;

·  Panel discussion and Q&A with economic development and employment officials from across the greater DMV region, with their insights on green career/job training and placement opportunities, as well as on companies that are hiring;

· Tips from clean energy and sustainability professionals who have landed and/or created green jobs;

· Plus meet representatives from leading green companies and associations, greentech educators, and career assistance organizations who are exhibiting at the forum.

Here are the Green Career and Networking Workshops that we are offering!

·  Green Career Workshop: What is Your Green Career Plan? (8:30 – 11:30 am)

·  Fear is Your Copilot: Networking in Washington DC (12:30 – 1:30 pm)

·  Green Career Workshop 2.0: What is the Best Fit for Your Green Career Path? (2:00 – 5:00 pm)

Look further below for in-depth information about our panel topics, guest speakers, exhibitors, and workshops’ content.

Who will benefit from attending this year’s Green Jobs Forum and workshops?

·  People who want to find a green job, or advance their green career

·  People who are interested in growing a clean economy, and learning more about what is happening now

·  Employers who want to meet our Leaders in Energy community of clean energy and sustainability professionals

Where to Register: Pizza and beverages are included with admission. Discounted tickets are available for students and job seekers.

Event Location: The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments*, Kirby Training Room, 777 North Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20002 (Within walking distance of the Union Station Metro, on the Red Line)

*The MWCOG is an independent, nonprofit association that brings area leaders together to address major regional issues such as helping to achieve regional greenhouse gas emissions reductions, increasing resiliency, and improving education and outreach in the region. 

Here is the in-depth information about our panels, speakers, exhibitors, and workshops.


Opening remarks – Growing a Clean Regional Economy. Presented by Timothy Masters, Environmental Planner, at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, who will highlight growing a clean regional economy including expanding opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses to participate in clean economy initiatives. Learn more about MWCOG’s Regional Climate and Energy Action plan here.

Panel 1 – What’s Going on in the DMV on Green Jobs? Featuring economic development and employment services officials. Moderated by Janine Finnell, Executive Director of Leaders in Energy.

·  Dr. Ellie Giles, CEO of Worksource Montgomery, in Montgomery County, Maryland will speak on initiatives taking place in the county to train and employ people in in-demand green jobs opportunities, ranging from natural resource management, environmental science, green construction, to urban planning.

·  Dr. Taresa Lawrence, Deputy Director, Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), Washington, DC will discuss the new DC Infrastructure Academy run by the Department of Employment Services (DOES), along with a solar component for installation and job-training called Solar Works DC. The DOEE also administers a contract with the DC Sustainable Energy Utility, to deploy energy efficiency measures that lower the carbon footprint and energy burden of DC residents.

·  Natalie Monkou, Business Development Manager, Arlington Economic Development Office, Arlington, Virginia, will cover efforts underway in the county to grow green businesses. Arlington County has 40 energy companies and other commercial companies that offer green jobs. (For example, the Nestle company is working to move toward zero waste in their factories around the world and employs people for related sustainability positions including supply chain logistics.)

·  Todd Beazer, Supervisor for the Business Services Group, Department of Employment Services (DOES), Washington DC, will speak about new DC Infrastructure Academy, apprenticeships, incentives for businesses to help create new jobs in DC, and Jobs Bank database with a tagging system (which can be used to help match jobseekers to “green” jobs).

Panel 2 – Getting Green Jobs! Leaders in Energy members who have found or created green jobs will provide tips and advice for others seeking to advance and or transition into these careers. John Gaffigan, Director of Membership and Sponsorship, Leaders in Energy, will serve as the panel moderator.

·  Silvia Lucero, Senior Program Associate, BlueGreen Alliance

·  John Paul “JP” Moscarella, Partner, Climate Finance Advisors

·  Spencer Schecht, Member Experience Manager, the Smart Electric Power Alliance and Director of Partnerships and Outreach, Green Drinks DC

· Andie Wyatt, Policy and Regulatory Manager, Grid Alternatives


Exhibitors include leading green companies and associations in the region such as C2 Management, CleanChoice Energy, The Solar Energy Industries Association, and Grid Alternatives MidAtlantic. The Association of Energy Engineers offers the well-known Certified Energy Manager training course and certification and 15 other certifications. There will be exhibitors including career assistance organizations such as Career Confidence and 40Plus of Greater Washington.


Green Career 1.0 Workshop: What is Your Green Career Plan? (8:30 – 11:30 am)

This popular workshop will provide you with insights on your career strengths and preferences and how these can be tailored for application to the new “green” economy, e.g., clean energy, sustainability, circular economy, resiliency, etc. It includes experiential activities designed to guide you in developing an actionable career plan.

Fear is Your Copilot: Networking in Washington DC (12:30 – 1:30 pm)

You’ve been told it’s so important to landing that next job, the right internship, or access to in-demand people. But where do you even begin? And why does just thinking about a room full of strangers in professional dress make us so nervous?! This session will help you understand the networking process with a balance of theory, strategies, and group participation. Learn how to beat the stress and thrive in these social situations.

Green Career 2.0 Workshop: What is the Best Fit for Your Green Career Path? (2:00 – 5:00 pm)

This year are also offering the new “Green Career 2.0 Workshop! It provides experiential activities to guide you on the next step in your actionable career plan. These activities will identify the technical, managerial, and individual leadership competencies – the knowledge, skills, and abilities – that you need to be successful in your area or areas of specialty, plus identify how to assess potential employers on a five-part scale for “fit” with your green career path. Learn even more about these workshops and the instructors at our Green Jobs Forum webpage.


Leaders in Energy (LE) is a global action network working to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions.

Its programs connect a diverse set of mutually-dependent stakeholders who share an interest in building sustainable communities.  For example, it helps to connect green job seekers with employers; business suppliers to markets, investors with innovators, and convene multigenerational leaders to create a more resilient planet.

You can learn more about Leaders in Energy at

Thanks to Barbara Englehart and John Gaffigan for their contributions on behalf of our Leaders in Energy community.

Thanks also to our Environmental Leader sponsor, Healthy Buildings.

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