When Businesses Should Consult Environmental Engineers

When Businesses Should Consult Environmental Engineers


By Adrian Johansen 


Businesses can hire engineers to investigate and resolve environmental problems. Environmental engineers work in a variety of settings. And they can help companies promote sustainability like never before.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why companies consult environmental engineers. These include:

Sustainable Building Construction or Renovation

A company can promote sustainable building construction and renovation. It may invest significant time, energy, and resources to develop sustainable buildings or revamp existing ones. Regardless, the business should consult environmental engineers, so it is well-equipped to get the most value out of its sustainable building initiatives.

Environmental engineers can develop green building designs. That way, these engineers can find ways to leverage non-synthetic, non-toxic, and other eco-friendly building materials. From here, they can minimize a building’s environmental impact.

Many businesses want sustainable buildings, and this will drive demand for environmental engineers. Research indicates the number of environmental engineers will increase 14% from 2014 to 2024. Meanwhile, as more companies launch sustainable building projects, demand for environmental engineers to support these projects looks poised to continue to increase.

Removal of Harmful Materials from Buildings

Companies can purchase or own buildings in need of substantial repair. At this point, businesses can upgrade their buildings to ensure they comply with myriad building codes. Conversely, companies can face code violations if they fail to address building issues.

A business can consult environmental engineers who can audit buildings and look for harmful materials. For instance, environmental engineers can identify asbestos, a group of naturally occurring materials commonly used in building and insulation products. People can inadvertently inhale asbestos that damages the lungs and cause cancer. Fortunately, if environmental engineers detect asbestos, they can offer tips, suggestions, and insights to help a company mitigate this issue.

Additionally, environmental engineers can recommend safe building materials for businesses. These engineers can assess a building and offer a personalized recommendation to help companies erect and maintain sustainable buildings. They can even explain how companies can transform an ordinary building into a sustainable one.

Water Conservation

Effective water conservation can have far-flung effects on a business’s bottom line. Companies that prioritize water conservation can reduce their overhead costs. These businesses can also limit the risk of future water price increases. They may even qualify for tax benefits.

By partnering with environmental engineers, companies can explore opportunities to conserve water. Environmental engineers can perform a general assessment and audit of a company’s water consumption. Next, they can share insights into a business’ water consumption and recommend ways to conserve water.

Environmental engineers may promote the use of low-flow building fixtures for water conservation. Companies can use these fixtures to make bathroom sink faucets, toilets, and urinals more efficient. Over time, the fixtures can help companies simultaneously reduce their water consumption and save money.

Moreover, environmental engineers can help businesses educate their workers about worker conservation and its short- and long-term impact. They allow companies to establish water conservation plans that can be shared with their employees. With these plans in place, employees can work together to help their businesses limit their water consumption.

Is Now the Right Time for a Business to Consult Environmental Engineers?

Environmental engineers can be difference-makers for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. They use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to help companies address environmental problems. In doing so, environmental engineers empower companies to take their sustainability initiatives to the next level.

Companies that want the best results from their sustainability initiatives should consult environmental engineers. Doing so gives businesses the opportunities to gain expert insights into sustainability. It also ensures that companies can work hand in hand with environmental engineers to reap the benefits of sustainability initiatives now and in the future.

Of course, it pays to consider an environmental engineer skill set before consulting with one. Key skills to considerwhen seeking out an environmental engineer include:


  • Technical: The top environmental engineers understand scientific principles surrounding sustainability and can apply them to their everyday work. They also know the ins and outs of global energy markets and can perform sustainability cost analyses.
  • Problem-Solving: Environmental engineers should have no trouble looking at sustainability issues from multiple angles. These engineers will ask questions and try to learn as much as they can about such problems. Then, they can brainstorm solutions to sustainability problems and explore ways to prevent them from recurring.
  • Communication: First-rate environmental engineers can disseminate information clearly and thoughtfully. They can articulate ideas via written and verbal communication and engage with stakeholders of all skill and experience levels and backgrounds.

When it comes to consulting with environmental engineers, companies should research in advance. If a business finds now is the ideal time to seek out environmental engineers, conduct an extensive search for those who lead by example. This business can then connect with these engineers and work with them to achieve its sustainability goals. And the company and its environmental engineers can optimize the results of its sustainability efforts.


Image Source: Pexels

Adrian Johansen strives to prioritize sustainability and ethics in all she does. To that end, she writes in multiple fields, applying and promoting sustainable methods and ideals as much as possible. You can find more of her writing here


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