The Four Generation Awards ─ Honoring Green Leaders of All Ages

The Four Generation Awards ─ Honoring Green Leaders of All Ages

Janine Finnell By JANINE FINNELL

You are invited to join us on Friday, December 6th, 2019, 6-9 pm, in Washington DC!

The United National Environment Programme Report recently released its 2019 Emissions Gap Report with sobering recommendations on the need to drastically cut worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Collectively we haven’t yet done what is needed to limit global warming to 1.5C (2.7F), and if we still want to meet this goal, “we now need to reduce emissions by 7.6 percent every year from 2020 to 2030.”  The report states that “decarbonizing the global economy will require fundamental structural changes.”

Leaders in Energy is a DC-area based non-profit organization that annually recognizes leaders from all generations who are working to create a more sustainable world and positive future! The Sixth Annual Four Generations of Leaders in Clean Energy and Sustainable Solutions Awards and Holiday Dinner is on December 6, 2019, 6-9 pm, in Washington, DC. All are welcome!


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This year’s awards theme is “Alliances for Action: Coalitions, Collaboration, and Partnerships.”  The topic was inspired by the former U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who stated that we are” crawling the talk” on climate and that we need to not only “walk the talk but accelerate the pace.” He believes that one of the most effective ways to do this is by building coalitions. (Note that Ernest Moniz is also a member of the new World War Zero Coalition recently formed by former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to address climate change).

The 2019 FourGen awardees span in age from their teens to their 80s – and show that we are never too young or too old, or middle-aged to make a true difference. In fact, we are all needed. The leaders being recognized this year are working to build partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration in many arenas – energy efficiency, clean energy, reducing plastics and food waste, and building sustainable communities.

In the 20th Century, thirty years were added to average life expectancy. Vital accomplishments are being achieved by those who are living longer and longer.  John B. Goodenough just became the oldest person, at 97, to win a Nobel Prize. Goodenough won the award alongside Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino for their contributions to the development of lithium-ion batteries. (Arthur Ashkin was the previous record holder, having won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2018 at age 96.) Also, remember that the origin of the movement to ban plastic straws began with a 9-year-old boy named Milo Cress and his 2011 campaign, “Be Straw Free,” which was launched to raise awareness about plastic waste!  By some estimates, half of the children born today in the developed world will live to 100 years.

Leaders in Energy recognizes that we need to harness the talents of all generations for their imagination and creativity to make the changes our world needs. The Four Gen Awards spotlight leaders in the clean energy and sustainability arenas from each of the Four Generations, e.g., World War II, Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial/Gen Z, who will share their lessons learned and tips on leadership with our audience.

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Looking for what is possible…

Australian filmmaker Damon Gameau was concerned about the deteriorating world that his young daughter would live in by the time she was in her early twenties in 2040.  In his documentary called 2040 (see trailer here), Gameau traveled the world searching for new approaches and solutions to tackle the climate emergency, from solar power to progressive farming.   He concludes that we do have the resources at hand to make this shift and that it will be less costly to do it sooner than later!

Gameau also discovered that people want to work on something that they will see regenerate the world! Leaders in Energy agrees!

Please join us at the FourGen Awards on Friday on December 6th – to be inspired by our honorees, and meet people working in green careers and businesses, clean energy and sustainability solutions! Make new friends who care as much as you do about clean energy and sustainability, locally and globally, and who love to talk about it and act on it. Our change-making awardees are listed below.

See more information on registering for the event here. When you bring a guest, you get a discount!

Everyone is needed to create the ENERGY TRANSITION and RE-GREENING of our ways!

Leaders in Energy is an inclusive organization promoting the interaction, partnership, and mentoring in both directions among all generations, with diverse backgrounds and work experiences. We invite you to learn more about our missionto build a global action network to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions.

Here are the 2019 Four Gen Awardees:

Millennial/Gen Z

Ashley Cheung, Eva Leikikh, Krithika Layagala, Kayla Peale, Sydney Rico, and Marieka Staheli, Global Co Lab and Smithsonian’s Conservation Commons Eco Teen Action Network

Gen X

Julia Cohen, Co-Founder and Managing Director. Plastic Pollution Coalition

Baby Boomer

Eric Goplerud, Founder and Chair, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

World War II

Andrew Euston, Urban Ecological Designer. Fellow of the American Institute of Architects


Emerging Leaders 

Karen T. Campblin and Lee Williams, Co-Chairs. Green New Deal Virginia Coalition

Mitra Kashani, Founder. Mason Environmental Justice Alliance

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Janine Finnell is the Executive Director of Leaders in Energy.

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