Energy Central Interviews the 2021 Winners of the Leaders in Energy Four Gen Awards

Energy Central Interviews the 2021 Winners of the Leaders in Energy Four Gen Awards

Earlier this year, Leaders in Energy announced the winners of their Four Gen Awards, a recognition that covers leaders in different generations who are leading the charge in sustainability. The theme for this year’s awards was “Weaving the Web of Sustainability and Restoration: A Call for Visionaries, Wayshowers, and Doers.”

The winners chosen this year truly embodied that theme, and as such Energy Central was eager to hear more from them and share their stories with the broader utility community.

First, Energy Central caught up with Chris Castro, the Millenial Awardee:

When Chris Castro, 32, was brought on to help the city of Orlando become a sustainable, green, climate resilient city eight years ago, some might have considered it an unenviable job. Orlando, probably the U.S.’s tourism hotspot of the southeast, sat far from the table of climate-minded cities. With a powerful tourism industry and a state government infamous for its climate change deniers, getting Orlando to place considered “climate resilient” appeared similar to submitting Everest.

Full conversation with Chris Castro here: Orlando’s Sustainability & Resilience Director, Chris Castro, Discusses with Energy Central His 2021 Four Gen Award from Leaders in Energy- [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Interview]


Next, the Energy Central Community heard from the Gen Z awardee, Samir Chowdhury:

I founded Youth Climate Action Team Incorporated when I was 17. It’s a 501(c)(4) advocacy nonprofit composed of over 1,700 youth organizers across 27 countries. We’ve reached over 300,000 individuals and spearhead lobbying initiatives, climate education programs, research, and provide a lot of opportunities for youth to engage in work to directly benefit the planet.

Full conversation with Samir Chowdhury here: Leaders in Energy Four Gen Award Recognition with Samir Chowdhury, Founder of Youth Climate Action Team [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Interview]


Following that, Energy Central sat down to talk with Lawrence Jones of the Edison Electric Institute, winner of the Gen X award:

The Edison Electric Institute is a trade association that represents all investor-owned electric companies in the United States. The organization has been operating since 1933, but in the past quarter-century it has expanded its membership to include electric companies all over the world. Lawrence E. Jones, Ph. D., is Vice President of International Programs and is today one of the major driving forces behind EEI’s global aspirations to increase access to reliable, affordable, and clean electricity worldwide. He has just received a Four Gen award for his lifetime of work in the industry – recognition of his consistent work as a forward thinker, and “way-shower” as the awards proclaim.

Full conversation with Lawrence Jones here: Recognized by Leaders in Energy’s Four Gen Awards for His Work with Edison Electric Institute, Lawrence Jones Sits Down with Energy Central- [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Interview]


And lastly, this interview series wouldn’t be complete without hearing from the Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, Dr. Edward Saltzberg:

Today, via SSF [Security and Sustainability Forum], Dr. Saltzberg provides education on societal impacts from the degradation of natural systems. Specifically, he helps Native American Tribes improve their well-being through resilient energy programs and also leads the Professional Education Program at George Washington University’s Environmental and Energy Management Institute. But that’s just part of his story that led to him being honored by Leaders in Energy as a Lifetime Achievement Awardee in their recent Four Gen Awards.

Full conversation with Dr. Saltzberg here: Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, Dr. Edward Saltzberg, Reflects on His Recognition from Leaders in Energy and His Time at the Security and Sustainability Forum- [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Interview]


Energy Central congratulates all of this year’s winners!


Editor’s note: this article originally appeared on Energy Central

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