It’s time to make your nominations
for the 8th Annual FOUR GEN AWARDS!

The nomination process for the Four Generations of Leaders in Clean Energy & Sustainability Solutions Awards – FOUR GEN AWARDS – has begun!

This year it will be held virtually on Friday, December 3rd, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm EST. Attendees and awardees from around the corner, or around the globe, are welcome!

NOTEL Our nomination period has been extended to Sunday night, October 31st. 

Our theme this year is…


We will recognize individuals of multiple generations – as well as projects and/or initiatives – that are furthering “The Big Green Shift”* in these ways:

  • They are sharing their Vision for Change, including Why it is necessary and How to do it.
  • They are Wayshowers, providing a Direction for others to follow in their own personal and professional lives, to help bring these changes to life.
  • They are Mentors to others or the general public, sharing their knowledge and experience, and providing inspiration and guidance to help us move forward to make change happen.
  • They are Role Models of better ways for green living, green business, ecosystem restoration, in the community as well as in our own homes and green spaces.

Our awardees will be honored for their vital and diverse work that is helping us to collectively re-weave the healthy web of life we once knew on earth, one that benefits and supports all life! They enlighten us, call us to action, and give us the tools to make it happen!

Until now, the FOUR GEN AWARDS have focused on individual change-makers across Four Generations (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer). This year, we are excited to be adding the collective visions and actions brought forth by institutions, NGOs, cities, regions, and other groups!

Here are some illustrative examples of where one might find such people or groups:

  • Innovative economic models and approaches like circular or steady state economies, and new economic indicators
  • Authors, speakers, teachers, event creators, etc., who are engendering environmental awareness, and guiding and empowering individual action
  • Community, urban, and regional (re-)development for economic prosperity, justice, and environmental protection and restoration
  • Climate resilience. restoration, and regenerative approaches focused on the protection of ecosystems, both private and public
  • Clean energy solutions in communities, and initiatives for decarbonization and climate actions
  • Businesses and market associations committed to innovations in sustainability

Plus, all sorts of other people and projects that may come to mind!

We invite you to think broadly and to let your imagination run free. After all, there are widespread, multi-disciplinary problems affecting all forms and aspects of life on earth, and all life forms, which we collectively face today. It calls for all hands-on deck, inside and outside of the “box.”

There is a saying that “every problem comes bearing its own solution.” Our awardees are taking this path, and are sharing what they discover with us.

You can submit multiple nominations. You can also nominate yourself.

Thank you for helping us discover our 2021 FOUR GEN awardees! We look forward to receiving your nominations!

Learn about our past themes & awards at our FOUR GEN HALL of FAME page.

*What is The Big Green Shift? Scientists and others are calling for a massive shift in the way we think, work, and live for planetary habitability. At Leaders in Energy, we refer to this as “The Big Green Shift.” We are seeking to build a bridge to a more sustainable future to decarbonize our energy system and reduce our human ecological footprint along the lines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.