First “Leaders in Energy Without Borders” Google Hangout Session


Silvia Leahu-Aluas
Silvia Leahu-Aluas

Janine Finnell, Adriaan Kamp, and Silvia Leahu-Aluas, three sustainability and energy professionals and members of the Leaders in Energy group, have started a series of global conversations focusing on the path towards sustainable energy, in particular, and sustainable development, in general. We are happy to call ourselves “Leaders in Energy without Borders,” as it reflects our intent of covering issues with a global impact and of connecting with a global audience.

The timing of our first session, shortly after the historic Paris agreement on climate change was signed by virtually all nations and at the end of a year of many positive actions and decisions related to anthropogenic climate change and sustainable development, increased our enthusiasm for our work together.

The topic of our first conversation is “Values, Collaboration, Technology for Sustainable Global Energy”.

We want to convey our belief that universal human values are the foundation for all the solutions to our current global problems. We believe that through collaboration and sharing forums, such as ours, we will achieve the UN sustainable development goals.

Adriaan Kamp
Adriaan Kamp

Adriaan Kamp, founder of Energy for One World, presents a review of 2015, a year of global change, climate change, of human beings continuing to overshoot the planetary boundaries, of human beings continuing to increase our demands on energy, natural resources, other species and human societies that are unsustainable. How are we going to live together and provide energy to all people of this world – reliably, sustainably, affordably, and in harmony? Can we build sustainable societies for all? The answer is yes, if we all agree to implement UN Sustainable Development goals as fast as possible. We have proven our global solidarity and determination to solve our global problems with the successful conclusion of COP21. Adriaan presents a summary of the conference.

His presentation ends with the 2016 agenda for Leaders in Energy without Borders.

Leaders in Energy Presentation

In this inaugural session of Leaders in Energy without Borders, Janine Finnell, Founder and Clean Energy Ambassador of Leaders in Energy, provides an overview of the organization’s mission to build a community of engaged leaders to enable and create a sustainable energy system, economy, and world.

Janine Finnell
Janine Finnell

Janine highlights various topics that the group focuses on in its online exchanges and events including: hybrid energy and distributed systems, the greening of fossil energy and other energy technologies, as well as sustainable manufacturing and green jobs. Leaders in Energy seeks to attract individuals who are passionate about thinking, collaborating on, and seeking solutions to energy, environmental and sustainability challenges. The group works to help connect its members with green job and business partnering opportunities; enable its members to pursue professional development objectives; and transform ideas from thought leaders all over the world, bringing them together to create synergies into action and change.

The session is hosted and moderated by Silvia and is available on YouTube below.

Slides from the session are also available for viewing on our Leaders in Energy website, including presentations from Adriaan Kamp and Janine Finnell. We would be delighted to answer your questions and comments related to our first conversation and welcome suggestions for topics of interest to our global audience.

Our next conversation is scheduled for February 2016. Please check our Leaders in Energy group on LinkedIn for upcoming details on how to participate.

(Session was recorded on December 17, 2015)


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