6 Green Home Building Trends for 2022

6 Green Home Building Trends for 2022


By Lucy Nixon

A home can have an enormous impact on the environment. From the materials used to build it to the appliances installed inside it, your home’s footprint on the environment can be considerable and lasting.

Green homes often focus on reducing these impacts by utilizing efficient and renewable energy sources, sustainable materials, and environmentally friendly construction techniques.

These 6 green home building trends will be popular in 2022 because they will save homeowners money and energywhile also protecting the environment. Some of these trends have already become common practice, but others are just now making their debut in new homes.

1) Solar Panels

It’s no surprise that solar panels are hot…literally. Using sunlight to power homes is a major eco-friendly concept and whilst solar panels have been around for years, in 2022 we can expect to see them widely implemented.

This is partly due to the fact that there are now more incentives than ever before to install solar panels on your home. For example, in the UK chancellor Rishi Sunak recently announced a slashing of VAT on solar panel purchasing, a move that is reflected by governments worldwide.

By installing solar panels, you’re reducing your carbon footprint while also saving money. It’s estimated that the average American household spends $3,000 a year on utilities; switching to solar could save you anywhere from $400 to $1,000 per year.

For example, think about how much energy you use during an average day. From cooking dinner to watching TV at night, all of these activities consume electricity or natural gas, which generates carbon emissions when burned for fuel.

That said, if you were able to produce as much energy as you used during an average day with solar panels – and assuming there isn’t a large fluctuation in cloud cover over your house – you’d be able to offset most of your utility costs by producing enough clean electricity simply by installing solar panels on your roof.


2) Sustainable Materials

Many new building materials like bamboo and cork are sustainable, recyclable and non-toxic.

As a result, more homes are being built using these sustainable materials, which is a big tick for the environment.

When buildings use these green materials, less toxins seep into the surrounding areas from manufacturing processes. The use of renewable building materials also reduces our dependence on foreign oil to produce construction supplies.

This is an important trend for eco-friendly builders because it encourages residents to live with less impact on the environment and ensures that the whole process of building a home is as environmentally friendly as possible.


3) Energy Efficiency

Because energy is typically responsible for more than 50% of a home’s utility bill, it makes sense to add energy efficient aspects when building environmentally friendly homes.

From water heating and cooling to air conditioning, most home appliances will use less energy if they are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

For example, heat pumps can warm and cool homes very efficiently because they require only minimal amounts of power. These systems are also fairly simple to install and provide a great return on investment for homeowners.

As renewable energy continues to become cheaper and more accessible, these aspects will be even more popular with home buyers and owners alike as green homes are built and modified in 2022.


4) Eclectic Designs

Eclectic homes are popular, both because of their energy efficiency and unique character. Eclectic designs tend to take a combination of aesthetic inspiration from various architectural styles.

However, when building an environmentally friendly home, look for something that’s more about function than form.

More people are using reclaimed or salvaged materials for decorative elements these days; not only does it limit environmental impact, but it also creates beautiful walls and floors with an interesting history to them.

Plus, you’ll have a unique home unlike any other, after all, nobody wants to match with their neighbours!


5) Water Conservation

It’s no secret that water conservation is important for homes. In fact, a number of countries have instituted strict regulations about water use when building new homes and apartments.

But why is water conservation so important when building environmentally friendly homes?

Water conservation can make your home more sustainable (and save you money on bills) by reducing your home’s overall need for utilities like electricity and gas.

This isn’t just good for energy bills; it also means you’re producing less greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels used to generate electricity.

The financial savings alone are enough to get homeowners excited about water conservation – if you can cut your daily water consumption by 10% then you could be saving around $20 a month on your water bill!


6) EV Charging Points

Electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular sight on the roads which means installing EV charging stations at home is set to be a big green home building trend for 2022.

Home charging points allow electric car owners to charge their cars at home overnight without needing to rush to find a public charging station when the battery is getting low.

Whilst they do mean that a household’s electricity consumption will rise, this is arguably balanced out by the drastic decrease in emissions that their vehicles will emit when on the roads.

For those building homes to sell, extras such as EV charging points not only help to make houses more environmentally friendly but they can bump up their value too.

As you can see, there are various ways you can build environmentally friendly homes without breaking the bank or ruining your aesthetic dreams.

These six green home building trends are set to be big in 2022 and beyond as more people become aware of the need to protect our environment.

While small individual changes may seem ineffective, when we all come together and implement them, the results can be huge.



Lucy Nixon is a digital marketing writer and consultant with almost a decade of experience in helping brands of all shapes and sizes to master their digital marketing strategies, online performance and content creation.

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