6 Tips for Saving Electricity

6 Tips for Saving Electricity


By Enrique Hormillo


Electricity is a necessity for modern life, and almost all devices you use every day require this resource. However, the level of pollution conventional power generation methods creates greatly contributes to the global warming crisis.

You can help combat this environmental problem by going solar, but there’s more to it than just buying solar panels. Changing your lifestyle to lessen your energy consumption is also a great way to reduce the pollution you create.

It may seem challenging to cut your energy expenses if you use many electronic devices in your daily life. However, there are small steps you can take to reduce your power usage significantly. Individuals and businesses can take any of these steps to help reduce their dependence on traditional power generation.

6 Tips That Help Save Electricity

Tip 1: Turn off the lights when not in use

This is easily one of the simplest ways to save on power, but it’s also something that a lot of people overlook.

If you still have old lightbulbs in your home or office, it’s ideal to turn them off when not in use, as 90% of the power is converted to heat. This temperature spike could force you to use your air-conditioning units more often. Prevent such a dilemma by turning off your lightbulbs.

Tip 2: Switch to electricity-saving appliances

There are plenty of devices nowadays that require less electricity to operate. Plenty of refrigerators are built to consume less electricity while performing their core functions. Air-conditioning units have also followed this trend.

The most common fixture popular for its energy-saving capabilities is the LED lightbulbs. These lights are believed to provide at least 300% in energy cost savings.

Tip 3: Utilize natural light

One of the reasons we use electricity is to provide us with light. While this is natural during nighttime, this issue becomes complicated during the day. If your home or office seems dark even during the day, but you don’t want to use power, then it may be high time to consider using natural light.

One quick way to sort this out is by moving curtains and any obstructions out of your windows. If that isn’t enough, it’s worth considering renovations to address this issue.

Tip 4: Assess the energy use of your home or office

Sometimes, your high energy expense doesn’t come from the appliances you operate. Sometimes, the way your structure is organized can cause energy to go to waste.

If you’re living and working on properties that have been around for a while, it’s in your best interest to do an energy audit to see where you lose energy. It’s through these audits that you can make improvements on your property.

Tip 5: Move into an eco-friendly home

If the assessment you made revealed that renovating your home would incur excessively high expenses, then it’s time to consider moving homes.

Eco-friendly homes are quickly becoming popular among home buyers due to the energy-saving measures they provide. Other than a cut on your electricity bills, it also reduces your carbon footprint.

Tip 6: Invest in solar panels

Solar energy is quickly becoming a popular option among homeowners looking to save on their electricity bills. If you live in a country where there’s plenty of sunshine, investing in solar power is a sensible move.

There are plenty of solar panels available nowadays, so it’s important to find high-quality ones that can generate plenty of energy for years.

Cut on Your Power Bill to Save the Planet

The tips mentioned above may be small efforts compared to a complete overhaul of how the world generates energy, but small steps can do a lot in protecting the earth. Moreover, these ideas prove that eco-friendly living can be for anyone–every effort you make for the planet makes a difference.


Enrique Hormillo is a Business Development Executive at SolarNRG Philippines. Its parent company, SolarNRG Netherlands is one of the largest suppliers and installers of solar power system in Europe. Enrique’s experience stretches beyond business development as he also works as a Marketing Director for a motorsport store — further solidifying his business acumen.

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