Why Going Green Is Smart For Your Business

Why Going Green Is Smart For Your Business


Companies that want to grow and be sustainable should absolutely get ahead of the curve and strongly consider going green. Not only will they save potentially vast amounts of money but their reputation will be enhanced, which will bring them more clients or customers and help retain quality employees.

It’ll be a huge emotional and mental bonus to everyone from the janitor to the CEO knowing that the company is also being environmentally conscious.

Potential Discounts or Tax Breaks

When businesses build or retrofit their buildings into green buildings, they can earn bonus tax deductions. These deductions may be as much as 50% of the cost of the eligible assets.

Therefore, not only will the buildings be more energy efficient and save the company money by spending less in energy bills, but at the end of the year, a generous tax break will greatly help reduce taxes due by the company.

The operational costs of running a business are larger than one may realize at first. Costs are lowered in numerous areas including lower water consumption, lower energy costs, longer longevity of the building, and lower maintenance costs.

There are also other companies doing business to business services and sales that may very well offer discounts to green companies.

Lower Rate of Employee Turnover

When employees experience a better work environment, indoor and outdoor, they are far more likely to stay employed by that company says Conservergy. Green buildings will improve the indoor air quality, which will help keep employees healthier and less apt to miss days of work due to minor illness. Feeling good physically will also increase company morale because employees are in a better state of mind.

Feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally about one’s workplace makes people want to continue working for that company. They are proud to be a part of such a business. This saves the company money because they do not need to spend a lot of time advertising for positions that have come open.

They don’t need to invest a lot of time in interviewing prospective new employees, and do not need to spend time and money training those new employees over and over again.

Good Company Reputation

Being environmentally conscious, paying attention to positive employee retention, and putting a good deal of effort into saving the company money through better energy efficiency and building longevity will support the company having an excellent reputation.

This will draw positive attention from higher quality employees. The better a company’s employees are, the better the company will become overall. Being green will also draw in more high-quality clients and customers.

These clients and customers will have great respect for the company, which will have them coming back and staying on board, leading to better ROI on the initial investment of going green.

Draw Attention of Investors

When it’s time to expand, being able to impress investors and convincing them to invest in the company can be a challenge. However, when a company can offer proof of a great reputation, excellent employee retention rates, growth in their client or customer base, increase in sales overall, and their ability to implement money-saving choices, investors will be far more likely to pay attention.

In fact, if a company uses going green to their advantage strongly enough, they may not need to look for investors for growth because investors will be coming to them.

Going green offers a very positive outcome for a company if they choose to implement it in the right way. Save money, support the environment, create a high quality work environment and develop an investor’s dream company.

Emma Orton is passionate about energy efficiency, especially when it comes to sustainable solutions for businesses and commercial buildings.

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