What the Renewable Energy Industry Can Learn from Marketers

What the Renewable Energy Industry Can Learn from Marketers



By Adrian Johansen 



Companies in the renewable energy industry shouldn’t solely depend on traditional marketing techniques to increase brand awareness. Marketers are keeping up with the demand for information on sustainability in products, services, and technology, by using content as a means for raising awareness about their company’s contributions to the environment.

Even with the rise in interest in the renewable energy industry, some demographics just aren’t convinced about embracing and investing in sustainable energy. Increasing awareness around your company’s renewable energy products, services, and commitments is best done by strengthening your relationship with your current and potential customers.

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your relationship with your current and potential customers is by feeding them relevant content that solves a problem or addresses a pain point/interest of theirs. Let’s talk about how renewable energy corporations can utilize these 5 content marketing techniques to connect with a wider audience.


5 Must-Use Content Marketing Techniques for Energy Corporations

Customers are not absorbing content simply for the information about a brand or business, they’re using this content to make purchasing decisions and turning to e-commerce platforms to make those purchases.

Page One Power defines content marketing as “the strategic creation, production, and distribution of content that is relative, relevant, and valuable, that effectively serves a purpose to a clearly defined targeted audience.” Content marketing is powerful because it can be applied to all four stages in the buyer’s journey: awareness, research, consideration, and purchase.

Energy corporations and sustainable tech companies can utilize content marketing techniques to reach a wider audience because you can create content that addresses when a buyer:

  • Is newly aware of a problem or pain point.
  • Is ready to research solutions for that problem or pain point.
  • Has narrowed down their potential solutions and companies that provide them.
  • Is ready to make a purchase.


Here are 5 content marketing techniques that can be adapted for use in the renewable energy industry.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of increasing quality traffic to a website through relevant search phrases and keywords on search engines.

These search engines do not include paid search traffic as a criterion for ranking on their platforms. Instead, they focus on the organic search traffic and analyze the quality of search engine users typing in keywords and phrases relevant to your content.

Renewable energy companies can use SEO to get their best pieces of online content to rank. Research exactly what your current and potential customers are typing into search engines to learn more about your products and services. Strategically place these keywords and phrases throughout your online content to build an authentic relationship with search engines that results in top rankings.

Buyer’s Journey Mapping

A buyer’s journey map is a diagram, presentation, or form that maps out the steps a potential customer would take on the way to buying your product or service.

A buyer’s journey map lists potential behaviors, interests, values, and commitments that influence a purchase decision.

Renewable energy companies can use buyer journey maps to layout the intricate steps to making a renewable energy purchase or investment. You can create content that answers questions that may arise at each step in the buyer’s journey map.


Branded Content

Branded content is content produced by an advertiser to build brand awareness by sharing the values of the brand. It is primarily used on social media platforms.

Quality branded content is authentic and reflective of the brand’s sincere mission to solve a problem or address a pain point for its audience as it relates to renewable energy.

Use branded content to share the unique values of your renewable energy roots. Share why your mission is grounded in sustainability. Use videos, photo dumps, and post carousels for visually appealing branded content.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining popularity because of its growing — well — influence on buying behavior. It is the practice of collaborating with influencers in your industry and leveraging their loyal fan base to promote your products/services.

Influencer marketing can be beneficial to renewable energy companies by softening the challenges associated with marketing renewable energy products, services, and information to a wide audience.

Engage with an influencer in the renewable energy industry regularly to build a genuine relationship with them and become familiar with their work in the industry. Then ask their honest opinion about your products/services and ask that they share that opinion with their audience.


Social Media

Social media presented companies with ample opportunity to deepen the connection they established with their current and potential customers. Social media marketing is simply the use of social media platforms to market a product or service.

Social media is also used for telling a brand’s story; revealing the why behind the mission and the reasoning behind its products/services.

Be creative in how you tell your brand’s story. Use all of the tools available on your social platforms to share relevant, compelling content that resonates with your audience.



Companies in the renewable energy industry can leverage content marketing to build brand awareness, deepen current and potential customer relationships, and share relevant information that aims to solve sustainability challenges.



Adrian Johansen strives to prioritize sustainability and ethics in all she does. To that end, she writes in multiple fields, applying and promoting sustainable methods and ideals as much as possible. You can find more of her writing here


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