Passive Housing: A Smarter Way of Living

Passive Housing: A Smarter Way of Living

By Helen O’Keefe 

In this infographic, we look at how passive housing design can help combat climate change by lowering energy consumption. 
Up to 90% more energy efficient than a typical family home, passive houses are a great way for homeowners to dramatically slash their energy consumption. It’s no surprise that so many eco-conscious homeowners are opting for passive houses today. 
What is Passive Housing Design? 
Architect Ken Levenson neatly summed up passive house design as: “It’s sort of like building a thermos, but it’s a thermos with really good ventilation.” To be officially classified as a passive house, the structure must annually consume less than 15 kilowatt-hours for heating and cooling. Using the passive method, houses minimise heat loss and maximise heat gains to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the entire house. This is achieved by using heavy insulation, airtight construction and efficient ventilation among other things. 
What are the Benefits of Passive Housing? 
Not only does passive design allow homeowners help to save the planet, but it also helps save them money. Passive houses typically cost 8-10% more up-front to build, however, this initial investment pays off excellently over time, with homeowners making colossal savings on their power bills. Depending on where you live, you may also qualify for tax rebates – thus furthering the incentive to go passive! 
In addition to this, passive houses also have a number of health benefits with studies showing that passive design results in improved air quality and by reduced mould.  
Learn More About Passive Houses
If you would like to know more about passive design, why not check out this informative infographic guide from EZ Living Interiors? This handy graphic features a basic overview of passive housing requirements and highlights on the many advantages of going passive.
Read the infographic to discover more today.

My name is Helen O’Keeffe and I work for EZ Living Interiors – a home furnishings retailer based in Ireland and the UK. I enjoy writing informative content about interior design and home living. I am passionate about eco-friendly design and am committed to implementing best environmental practices in my own home.

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