Member Milestone: Leaders in Energy Welcomes Our 3,200th Member in Our LinkedIn Group!

Member Milestone: Leaders in Energy Welcomes Our 3,200th Member in Our LinkedIn Group!

Leaders in Energy just reached another exciting new milestone, with over 3,200 members in the Leaders in Energy Research, Communications, Policies & Analysis group on LinkedIn.  Our LinkedIn group is a great way to meet others working in clean energy and sustainability in the DC area, around the US, and in 100+ other countries.   Through our in-person and virtual community, we have built a base with a reach of 6,000+ people,

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the diverse talents and backgrounds of our active network. Our growing group features members both local to the DMV area and from all around the world. We’re excited to introduce Bill Bliler, our 3,200th member, who has agreed to share a bit about his background and experience.

Bill Bliler is a Chief Strategist and Problem Architect, and the founder of Integra Advisors.   Bill has spent over 35 years growing revenue, opening new markets, initializing process improvement, and doing strategic development for companies throughout the United States and Canada.  His diverse experience includes projects for custom software development, telecommunications systems, factory process automation, project management, business intelligence, manufacturing systems, distribution, risk avoidance, and long-range strategic planning.

Bill is passionate about working with new companies to help them market their unique products & services while growing their business. He thrives on solving complex problems utilizing a common sense approach.   His vision isto assist companies inunderstanding the challenges they face during this unprecedented time of growth in our country…and devising solutions to mitigate those challenges.  His unique background has given him distinct experience across a wide spectrum of industries.  He was raised in a small farming community in central Illinois, and paid for his college education by working in the agricultural sector both prior to and during college.  He earned his BS in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Speech Communications from the University of Illinois.

In 2014, Bill began channeling his passion for problem solving into the area of strategic planning and product differentiation for his clients.   He assists senior executives in creating a competitive advantage from the explosion of innovation, digital disruptions and evolving business models that define today’s business landscape.   As a true problem architect, Bill empowers executives to rapidly fix their most complex and urgent business problems.  His mission is to arm these executives and their teams with the knowledge and skill required to accelerate “time to value” and focus on “profit vs sales” through innovation.

Bill is currently working with Easy Energy Systems as their Director of Investor Relations for North America.  Easy Energy Systems is an innovative leader in the renewable energy field…with a goal to “Fuel the World”.  They are passionate about providing dynamic solutions to our world’s energy problems, and are building an ecosystem of the best people, partners and customers to bring forth innovative technologies that will produce high-quality and efficient biofuels, valuable biochemicals, adhesives, fertilizers, animal feed and more. Their mission is to innovate and bring to the market new solutions and technology that will reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, reduce pollution and improve the lives of people throughout the world.

For more information on Easy Energy Systems, visit our website at

In addition, here is a link to a video which truly encapsulates their vision:

Bill was drawn to Leaders in Energy by his passion for the environment in general…and renewable sources of energy in particular.

“I have always been an environmentalist at heart…in that I feel the human populace should act as caretakers of this awesome planet that we have been given as our home.  For example, if someone loaned you a lodge or vacation home, you should leave it better than when you arrived.  That should be the attitude of each individual….to leave this Earth in better condition than you were born into.  Leaders In Energy has a passion for the energy aspect.  By advocating for green and renewable energy sources, we can reverse some of the damage that has been done to our Earthly home….and leave it in better shape than when we arrived.”


Leaders in Energy is building a community of engaged leaders to create a sustainable energy system, economy, and world. The three main areas of action are the green economy, sustainable communities, and multigenerational leadership. With operations in Metro Washington DC, we’ve built a base that spans most major metropolitan areas and over 100 countries. More information is available at and in the Leaders in Energy Research, Communication, Policies & Analysis (LERCPA) LinkedIn group.

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