Green Business Talent: Ambitious, Purpose-Driven…and Really Nice

Dan Smolen
Dan Smolen


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Last night in Washington, DC, I had the honor of addressing a large gathering of professional talent eager to further their careers and fortunes in green business and the greater good.

During an event sponsored by Leaders in Energy Research, Communications, Policies & Analysis (LERCPA), I discussed how they can immediately leverage the current Dull Gray Economy to their advantage, to find and land a great green job. And to that end, I provided ten process points that, when followed, would effectively help all gathered meet and exceed their career goals.

Rarely have I met so many ambitious, purpose-driven, yet warm and engaging professionals in one setting.

LERCPA helps scores of DC-area talent network to find full-time work across the green business and social good spectrum. Our presentation last night helped attendees channel their energies and passions to do well (land a satisfying role) but also to “do good.”

Have I mentioned how really nice they are?

I guess that is what fixates me so: many business sectors are chock full of brazen careerists who maintain a laser-guided focus on their careers, but outwardly do little to help the environment or the people around them and in their communities. But in our green business and social good circles, we find ambitious, but equally kind and thoughtful professionals who adhere to Triple Bottom Line thinking, that is, to help their companies and organizations scale revenue, but also to help mitigate [their] use of natural resources, and empower less well-advantaged people.

Attendees listening to Dan Smolen's engaging presentation.Working with such nice and appreciative people is, for us, the icing on the cake.

So, I take this opportunity to recognize and offer my appreciation to the more than 50 people who attended last night’s event. I thank the team at LERCPA—Jeannine Curtin, Barbara Englehart, Carla Fleming, and founder Janine Finnell—for their generous offering of time and sage advice, to help The Green Suits deliver a fun, information-packed, and immediately actionable presentation. I thank our host company, the communications firm Levick and event organizers Coniah Adams and Andrew Ricci, for the wonderful event venue and refreshments. And, last but not least, I thank my fellow green business and social good professionals who offered inspiring testimonials of their success in finding and landing a great green job: Jack Levenson, Jeannette Brinch, Oana Leahu-Aluas, Thomas Schmidt, and Carolyn Slaughter.

Guided by their talent and passion, I know: our best days lie ahead.

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