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FOR RELEASE: May 18, 2015
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By: Miriam Gennari

“Geo Sapiens: A Business Workshop for the Earth Wise” at Arlington Tech Shop

June 6 Arlington, VA, May 18 –Innovation, creativity and collaborative problem solving are the themes for the June 6 event “Geo Sapiens: A Business Workshop for the Earth Wise” that brings together doers and thinkers from government, businesses and community. The event will take place at the Arlington Tech Shop in Crystal City. The workshop offers perspectives from renowned experts in the field of sustainability.

Speakers include:Martin Ogle, recognized expert in creating sustainable communities and governments
Larry Robertson, renowned author on innovation and entrepreneurship
Dr. Robert Means, leading authority on energy policy and regulation and how businesses comply and prosper under environmental legislation.

A panel discussion will include practical approaches to sustainability from experts in renewable energy, environmental home design, legal and business strategies for business sustainability, and how to create a business ecosystem to bring ideas and solution to fruition.

“This workshop will shine a light on the business opportunities created through sustainable urban communities.” said Miriam Gennari, president of MetroMakeover, the event organizer. “With the amount of growth and development taking place in our region, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be creative and rethink entrepreneurship to ensure a vibrant future for our communities and businesses.”

The workshop will address how to:
Create empowered communities who value sustainable businesses and organizations

Connect with entrepreneurs prospering from green product and service innovation

Design new business models that respond to consumer demand for “net zero” lifestyles

Network with local leaders and businesses to advance ideas and collaborate on opportunities

Rethink business proposition to respond to stakeholder expectations for sustainability

Build business and government partnerships that remove barriers and accelerate progress

“This event brings together an impressive network of like-minded people to connect ideas to resources.” commented Founder of Community Forklift and a Policy Committee member of the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Council, Jim Schulman, Founder, Sustainable Community Initiatives. “Building this critical business ecosystem is an important step to creating a sustainable regional economy.”

Proceeds from the workshop benefit OurTask.com, A 100% volunteer organization dedicated to increasing environmental awareness and accountability among young adults.

For more information or to register for the Workshop go to eventbrite.com, key word “Geo Sapiens.”

MetroMakeover LLC – Metro Washington DC’s elite concierge and referral service for every makeover, because when you want a makeover you need a expert.

Entrepreneurial Earth – An organization with a mindset on conductive practical development of sustainable and thriving human culture.

The Arlington Green Party – The Arlington Greens offer an alternative way of thinking about politics. Our agenda focuses on common interests, not special interests, long-term solutions, not quick fixes. The platform is built upon the Ten Key Values of the American Green movement.

Home Designs (EHD) – An award winning design-build firm specialized in kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling, additions and custom homes. Over 20 years of experience helping families convert their houses into beautiful, healthy and efficient homes.

J. Rohleder Law, PLLC – Dedicated to providing high quality, accessible legal services to energy and environmental technology companies. J. Rohlender Law takes pride in offering a variety of service options with transparent pricing. You will always know what you will get and at what price.

Englehart Consulting – Consulting services for for those who wish to develop sustainable business practices and bring innovative and sustainable solutions to the market. Helping clients secure opportunities to gain – revenue opportunities, cost savings, access to capital, improved employee productivity and retention. And last, but not least, a healthy planet to enjoy.

Leaders in Energy – This group engages professionals who delight in thinking about, discussing, and collaborating on energy, environmental, and sustainability topics through on-line and in person through networking events. LERCPA collects and exchanges ideas and information to build a specialized network of professionals who are interested in making a difference through transformative leadership and actions.

TechShop – A membership-based do-it-yourself workshop in Crystal City, Arlington, Tech Shop provides members with the use of tools and equipment, classes and a vibrant and creative community of innovators.TechShop is a playground for creativity. Part fabrication and prototyping studio, part hackerspace and part learning center, TechShop provides access to over $1 million worth of professional equipment and software.

Alliance for Regional Cooperation/ Friends of Virginia’s Future – Chairman, Jim Schulman, lives and works in the Chesapeake region and invites readers to participate in fostering regional, community-based economic development by joining or emulating the Alliance for Regional Cooperation.

Arlington Independent Media (AIM) – A non-profit membership organization and community media center in Arlington, Virginia. We provide training and access to media technologies, and facilitate the creation of video, audio, web and digital content. AIM is committed to cultivating the voices in our community that might otherwise not be heard.

Our Task – A 100% volunteer organization based in Arlington, VA, committed to environmental awareness and accountability and dedicated to informing young adults about what is happening to Earth.

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