Leaders in Energy reaches 2,400 members

Whitaker B. Irvin Jr.
Whitaker B. Irvin Jr.

Leaders in Energy recently celebrated its 2,400th member — Whitaker Irvin Jr. — Chief Operating Officer for QuasarWave Corporation in Park City, Utah. QuasarWave operates broadly in the clean energy generation and water quality improvement systems. We asked Whit to tell us about his interest and background in energy. Here’s what he had to say.

Energy in its diverse forms sustains the heartbeat of our modern civilization. I’m privileged to be participating in initiatives that represent high potential for resolving concerns over global energy security.

For years, my professional focus was in the finance and the defense industries. In 2010 I refocused on energy, and ever since, my career and passion have been wholly dedicated to the development of tangible and effective means for resolving the vexing challenges associated with the realization of abundant green energy.

While much is being accomplished in the clean energy space, a lot of it very innovative and inspiring, few technologies in my awareness have matured sufficiently from a financial and practical perspective to address the worldwide urgency for real solutions. Nonetheless, relatively immediate solutions are on the horizon.

My personal knowledge and conviction, that the means exist to remedy our energy challenges, is underpinned by QuasarWave Corporation and more specifically, the revolutionary advances that have been achieved by Q Hydrogen Solutions Corporation.

We have pioneered a completely novel technology capable of producing vast quantities of economical, environmentally neutral hydrogen. From on-site production of hydrogen as a replacement fuel for electrical power generation, to oil and gas refining, all manner of transportation, commercial and residential heating applications, myriad industrial uses, and countless other applications, Q Hydrogen promises to be a no-compromise, reliable energy solution.

In time, with successful strategic establishment of Q Hydrogen Systems, more information will be available to the public.

It is my honor to serve QuasarWave Companies as the Chief Operating Officer of QuasarWave Corporation, the parent company of Q Hydrogen Solutions Corporation, and as President of Q Hydrogen Solutions Corporation.

Joining Leaders in Energy was the result of meeting Janine Finnell at the CHARGE Energy Branding Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her passion and enthusiasm for energy was evident, and I was excited to learn about the group and become a member. I look forward to further conversing with everyone in the Leaders in Energy family, and am especially excited about what the future holds for technological advancements in energy. Feel free to reach out to me at wirvin2@quasarwave.com.

Welcome to the group, Whit. With over 2,400 members, the LinkedIn group Leaders in Energy Research, Communications, Policies & Analysis has passed another big milestone. We celebrate these moments because it shows how far the group has come, but also because it gives a sense of who our members are and the breadth of origins and professional backgrounds. Learn more about the group in a recent profile by Tamaki Stiles.

Will you be our 2,500th member?

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