Leaders in Energy Four Generations Awards Nomination

Thank you for your nominations!   We will make our Awardee announcements and open registration in the near future. 

Purpose:  To recognize leaders in the clean energy and sustainability arena from each of the four generations who will share their lessons learned and tips on leadership to our audience. This will be Leaders in Energy’s fifth year to conduct this very successful event which will feature honorees from each of the four generations, e.g., World War II, Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial/Gen Z who exemplify leadership in the energy and sustainability arena. Leaders in Energy is an inclusive organization promoting the interaction, partnership, and mentoring among all generations, with diverse backgrounds and work experiences.

Theme: This year’s theme is “Becoming a Leader by Empowering Ourselves, and Others, to Create a Better and Greener World.”

What do we mean by “Becoming a Leader?”   These are people who empower themselves and step up to take responsibility, to make the world a better and greener place for humanity and for all the natural world.   In our homes, in our neighborhoods and communities, in our workplaces, cities, states, and countries – we need leaders on every front and at every level.  From solo change leaders, to leaders of others, we are honoring individuals who have taken the initiative to make a difference!

What do we mean by “creating a better and greener world?”   It is addressing our current challenges of climate change, resource depletion, deforestation and loss of biodiversity and habitats, and changing the way that we live our daily lives, both personally and collectively, for the greater good of all.  We believe in harnessing the talents of the Four Generations to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions for the environment, encompassing technology, economic and social innovation for the benefit of the planet and all life.   We are looking for those individuals who are working on projects, programs, and initiatives that lead us in this direction.

Nomination Requirements:
• Anyone can nominate an individual in the clean energy and sustainability space for the 4 Gen awards. Note that you do not have to be a member of Leaders in Energy in order to submit a nomination.
• Official nomination forms must be completed online.
• Please provide a description of the outstanding contributions the nominee has made as described in the online 4 Gen Nomination Form.

• October 19, 2018, by midnight US EST is the deadline for submission of nominations.
• October 30, 2018 nominees and honorable mentions will be notified of selection.
• November 30, 2018 4 Generation winners will be recognized at the Leaders in Energy Four Generations Awards and Holiday Event.

NOTE: Winners must be available to attend our event in person in Arlington, Virginia.  They will share their experiences on leadership in a 5-7 minute presentation at the Four Gen Awards Event.

See information on our past award winners here.

Date, Time, and Location of Four Gen Awards and Holiday Event:
Friday, November 30, 2018
6:00 – 9:00 pm

Crystal Gateway Condo Complex
1300 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Virginia 22202