Sustainable Facilities: Building for a Circular Economy in the Metropolitan DC Region

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Join us on Tuesday, May 24th, 6-8:30 pm, at Crystal City Gateway Condominium in Crystal City, Virginia (Arlington) where we will hear speakers on “Sustainable Facilities: Building for a Circular Economy in the Metropolitan DC Region.”

Crystal Gateway Condominium Complex
1300 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202
Accessible by Metro (Blue&Yellow)

Pizza, beer and non-alcoholic drinks included in ticket price.   Student and job seeker rates available.

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 Our program will feature a panel of speakers discussing the circular economy and key elements of designing for circularity in facilities and real estate.  Meet other clean energy and sustainability professionals who are interested in green buildings, smart energy use, renewable resources and materials, minimizing construction waste, and related economic development measures (such as EcoDistricts, etc.) to implement the circular economy.

We will examine:

1) The Circular Economy: How is it defined and thought and practice leaders

2) Success stories: Examples of facilities and real estate designed and managed for the circular economy and examples of projects, networks, cities, regions to use as a benchmark.

3) Value proposition for your organization and region: The change required by the circular economy framework is significant, why should you undertake it? Benefits will outweigh costs on all three sustainability dimensions: social, environmental and economic

4) Design for Circularity of Facilities and Real Estate
a) Maximize use of renewable resources (materials, energy, water);
b) Prioritize maintenance, reuse/repurpose, refurbish/remanufacture with recycling as the last option;
c) Avoid all waste and demolition;
d) Be highly creative: buildings can be farms, factories, power plants, offices, residences, gardens, places of great beauty all in one; and
e) Build for longevity and resilience, build for the next 1000 years

Meet Our Moderator and Featured Speakers

 Barbara Englehart

Barbara Englehart

Moderator: Barbara Englehart, Leaders in Energy, Director of Business Sustainability

BARBARA ENGLEHART is the Leaders in Energy Director of Business Sustainability and Principal of Englehart Consulting. Barbara is a management consultant in the Washington DC region implementing energy and sustainability solutions with a business-oriented approach. She uses the same technology and program management skills that she used at Verizon and MCI to launch Voice over the Internet in Europe and build professional global network services. Barbara also uses her financial skills acquired as a CPA at Arthur Anderson and a MBA at the UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. In partnership with Northern VA Regional Commission, Barbara founded and runs the Northern Virginia (NoVA) Sustainability Network of local governments, universities, and large corporations, a group dedicated to advancing sustainability in Northern Virginia. She is the chair of the Arlington Public School Sustainability Advisory Committee and adviser to the award winning Arlington Energy Master program. Barbara was one of our Leaders in Energy instructor at our Circular Economy workshop held at Alexandria Renew Enterprises in March 2015.

 Jason Holstine

Jason Holstine

Jason Holstine, Founder and CEO, Amicus Green Building Center

JASON HOLSTINE, Founder and CEO of the Amicus Green Building Center, has more than twenty years experience working with consumers, businesses, governments, and NGOs implementing sustainability goals and projects by creating better buildings and communities. Amicus screens its building products for health, environmental integrity, and durability, with a priority on those made as locally as possible. Before starting the Amicus Green Building Center and Amicus Consulting Services, Jason’s projects included: conducting market transformation programs for the Energy Star program; coordinating the public-private Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) program; introducing the National Capital region’s first wind power utility program; and consulting various corporations and government agencies on training and personnel development initiatives.

Jason was a co-creator and judge of the EcoLeadership Awards program to recognize sustainable business practices; was appointed to the Maryland State Climate Change Commission; has sat on the Board of Directors of the Clean Air Partners program (responsible for the DC-Baltimore regional air quality alert program), Chesapeake Climate Action Network and GreenHome; and was past chairman of the Montgomery County, Maryland Energy and Air Quality Advisory Committee.

 Silvia Leahu-Aluas

Silvia Leahu-Aluas

Silvia Leahu-Aluas, Leaders in Energy, Director of Sustainable Manufacturing

SILVIA LEAHU-ALUAS is the Leaders in Energy Director of Sustainable Manufacturing and is the Principal Owner at Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting. She offers her expertise to companies interested in mainstreaming to the circular economy. She has 35 years of technical and managerial experience, primarily in the capital goods industry. She is passionate about the circular economy and using an engineer’s approach, she works to make the concepts attractive and practical. She is dedicated to the revival of US domestic production and manufacturing and works within a network of great consultants and organizations to make the circular economy the new model for a sustainable and prosperous United States. She holds an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, major Manufacturing, from the Technical University of Cluj, Romania and an MBA degree, major International Management, from the Indiana University – Bloomington. She is a member of the Sustainable Manufacturer Network and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

 Nancy Meyer

Nancy Meyer

Nancy Meyer, CEO, Community Forklift

NANCY MEYER is the Chief Executive Officer for Community Forklift, a project of Sustainable Community Initiatives.   Community Forklift is DC’s largest nonprofit  reuse center for home improvement supplies which picks up donations of unwanted and salvaged building materials throughout the metro DC region.  These building materials are made available to the public at low cost, and provides vintage materials for restoring old homes.  The organization also offers public education about reuse, and distributes free supplies to local nonprofits and neighbors in need.

This organization is an example of a success story of the Circular Economy in terms of helping to reuse and repurpose materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Community Forklift has also been involved in developing an EcoDistrict comprised its neighboring communities to help develop robustly sustainable and vibrant community.

Our sponsor is Metropolitan Facilities Solutions, Inc.