This workshop is being rescheduled. Stay tuned for an upcoming date.

EQ Skills for Green Leaders Workshop
Friday, April 5. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Washington, DC

Hosted by the National Association of Homebuilders

Our environmental challenges today are real.  We believe everyone is a Green Leader – but we can’t do it all alone.

Recent studies show that relational and transformational skillsets are equally as essential as technical skillsets for green careers of the future (PAGE, 2016, Green Economy Learning Assessment South Africa: Critical Competencies for Driving a Green Transition):

  1. Technical skillsets.  Using tools and objects to facilitate green outcomes, such as mathematical modelling, or technical analysis.
  2. Relational skillsets.  “Soft skills” for successful people engagement, such as engagement and negotiation.
  3. Transformative skillsets.  Strategies for spurring individual and group action — for example, generative listening, multi-stakeholder innovation, among others.

This workshop will provide you with effective leadership and management strategies for working with colleagues, staff members, senior leaders, and volunteers as a Green Leader.

At this workshop, you will:

  • Network with fellow Green Leaders
  • Identify strategies for effectively engaging and activating others in support of Green outcomes
  • Gain management and leadership skills for propelling your Green Career forward
  • Receive a 50+page report personalized report based on a pre-assessment you complete, including strategies, tools, and resources for effective relational and transformative leadership

More about this workshop

This workshop is designed to support people in learning what great managers know – starting with themselves.

Based on the latest neuroscience, the aim is to increase self-awareness, build confidence, and improve people management skills to enhance performance.

You’ll receive a personalized workbook, based on a pre-assessment. Using interactive exercises, you’ll learn to recognize your Brain Profiles and Brain Talents, and how these impact your role as a people manager.

You’ll also apply insights about your own emotional intelligence during the day, as you gain awareness and increase options to become the very best version of yourself and discover how to effectively apply these strategies and approaches back in the workplace.

The assessments provided as part of this workshop are from Six Seconds, a global nonprofit dedicated to developing individual, team, and organizational excellence around the world.


During the workshop, you will:

  1. Identify a current workplace challenge and map specific actions to support successful outcomes.
  2. Recognize your personal Brain Style and how this impacts your focus, decision-making, and drive in your role as a people manager.
  3. Gain insight into the Brain Profiles of others, and how this can be used to improve interactions.
  4. Identify your Brain Talents and how these can be leveraged to improve your effectiveness in leading, collaborating, and working with others to increase performance.

This workshop will be taught by Dr. Beth Offenbacker, Director of Training and Education, Leaders in Energy. Beth is also the Founder and Principle of Waterford, Inc. Beth’s core expertise is in developing and implementing talent management and development programs for emerging, established, and senior-level professionals. Her programs focus on developing the skills and talents green leaders need to make a positive impact in the world, at an individual and team level. You can read more about her here.

Location: National Association of Homebuilders. 1201 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 (Blue/Orange/Sliver Line: McPherson Square | Red Line: Farragut North). Check in with the guard at the Front Desk and let them know that you are attending the Leaders in Energy Green Leaders Workshop.