“Our environmental challenges today are real.  We
believe that everyone is a Green Leader, and that each of us has
the power to activate others for a Greener, More Sustainable World.
E.Q. can help make this happen in powerful ways!”
–Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D. (Course Instructor)


Emotional intelligence (E.Q.*) is more important than ever!   The World Economic Forum’s report, Future of Jobs ranked emotional intelligence one of the 10 most crucial skills for 2020.   A survey of over than 2,600 hiring managers found that they were more likely to promote a highly emotionally intelligent worker.

In this 1-day Workshop, you will:
–Discover and Hone Your E.Q. Skills for Activating Team Members, Peers and Project Partners
–Create Effective Personal Interactions and Team Building for a Greener, Sustainable World

E.Q. paves the path to successful leadership and collaboration: In projects and team leadership, E.Q. shows us why we succeed beyond our expectations – some of the time – but fall short of the mark at other times, despite our best efforts! Plus why collaborations can seem so difficult in one situation, yet easy in others! There’s a clear reason for these inconsistencies. Using E.Q., we can make a change for more consistent success!

*What is E.Q.? The renowned leadership training which teaches how to clearly see our own unique strengths and abilities, and those of others – which can be markedly different from our own. Through understanding more about ourselves, and the attributes and patterns that motivate others, we are much more able to lead and work with others, to create productive collaborations.

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What will the workshop include? 
You will interact with others who have also experienced challenges with leading and managing people as part of green programs, projects, services, and initiatives.  The workshop will guide you in answering the question, “How can I successfully motivate others, and myself, and harness our big ‘Why(s)’ in support of successful outcomes?”

To understand that what is easy for one may not be for another, can make all the difference for positive outcomes through good collaboration.

Achieve more consistently positive results, whether you are a formal leader of others, or a leader-instigator in your own domain and cause.  E.Q. provides productive strategies and approaches to employ with others when things become difficult, so that you can be more effective as a Green Leader and in your realm of engagement. This will support you in working with peers, colleagues, staff members, senior leaders, and volunteers – and people in all facets of your life.

This workshop will engage your mind and get on your feet, activating your new knowledge of yourself and others to accomplish productive outcomes!

In the workshop, you will:

  • Identify a current challenge and map specific actions to support successful outcomes
  • See how your personal Brain Style impacts your focus, decision-making, and drive as a people manager
  • Gain insight into the Brain Profiles of others, and use this to improve interactions
  • Identify how your Brain Talents can be leveraged for leading and collaborating with others to increase performance

Practice interactive exercises to:

  • Hone awareness of individual and team strengths and differences in order to put these skills into play
  • Learn what specific teamwork looks like using a mini-bridge building exercise, among others
  • Practice “dry runs” in small groups to apply your new skills

What you will take home:

  • How to navigate your own personal strengths and differences
  • Know what makes other people “tick” and valuing others’ similarities and differences
  • Increased effectiveness in motivating and collaborating for productive outcomes
  • Recognizing and utilizing the strengths, insights, and experiences of your team
  • Strategies for engaging and activating others in support of Green outcomes

The skills you learn in this workshop will beneficial in strengthening personal and professional partnerships and projects.

This workshop is being offered at an exceptional price to include as many people as possible!
(Similar workshops are typically offered at three to five times our price.)

The Regular $125 ticket covers two components:
$75 covers the personalized profile and a 50+ page workbook from Six Seconds, for you to use into the future.
$50 is for LE’s cost for the workshop admission – an exceptional price for E.Q. training.

“Bring a friend” special offer: 
Buy one for full price ($125), get a second ticket for 1/2 off the $50 LE portion of admission! (Save $25 and pay only $100)
(The mandatory $75 fee for each personalized profile and report must still be paid by all attendees.)  Register and add a guest on the registration site.

If you Volunteer at the registration desk, write a blog article, take some photos, etc. you can attend the workshop for only the cost of the personalized assessment ($75). We have a select number of volunteer opportunities.  Please contact info@leadersinenergy.org for more information.

Student/job seeker $115 ticket:
Prices include Personalized Profile and Admittance fees.


Certified emotional intelligence trainer and assessment expert with Six Seconds, the global nonprofit that specializes in emotional intelligence training.  Dr. Offenbacker has taught dozens of industry professionals the leadership and management skills necessary for achieving successful outcomes.  Her portfolio includes public, private, and nonprofit sector experience, including serving in senior leadership roles. Extensive experience designing and leading engagement processes for environmental projects (watersheds, stormwater, sewer, and circular economy). She is a Tree Steward with Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria, where she currently serves as Interim President, and she is the Director of Training and Development for Leaders in Energy.  Her doctorate is from Virginia Tech’s Center for Public Administration and Policy.

Which green issues drive you as a Green Leader?


Animal and Natural Resources Protections in our communities and around the globe, to save plant and animal species today and for future generations, protect the air and water, and preserve our ecosystem.


Growing a Circular Economy, a world where… waste does not end up in oceans and affect the lives of fish and human health — but rather is part of a regenerative system that minimizes resource input, waste, energy and emissions.


Clean, Renewable Energy solutions, locally, regionally, nationally, internationally – resulting in greenhouse gas reductions, land and water protections, and individual and community health benefits.


Building Smart, Green Communities with green infrastructure, buildings and homes; affordable housing, green jobs, and thriving parks, agricultural spaces, and gardens.

More background on E.Q.:

Here’s how the workshop is described by its founders at Six Seconds (an international nonprofit organization supporting emotional intelligence development globally):

This workshop is designed to support people in learning what great managers know – starting with themselves.
Based on the latest neuroscience, the aim is to increase self-awareness, build confidence, and improve people management skills to enhance performance.
You’ll receive a personalized workbook, based on a pre-assessment. Using interactive exercises, you’ll learn to recognize your Brain Profiles and Brain Talents, and how these impact your role as a people manager.
You’ll also apply insights about your own emotional intelligence during the day, as you gain awareness and increase options to become the very best version of yourself and discover how to effectively apply these strategies and approaches back in the workplace.
The assessments provided as part of this workshop are from Six Seconds, a global nonprofit dedicated to developing individual, team, and organizational excellence around the world.


During the workshop, you will:
1.Identify a current workplace challenge and map specific actions to support successful outcomes.
2.Recognize your personal Brain Style and how this impacts your focus, decision-making, and drive in your role as a people manager.
3.Gain insight into the Brain Profiles of others, and how this can be used to improve interactions.
4.Identify your Brain Talents and how these can be leveraged to improve your effectiveness in leading, collaborating, and working with others to increase performance.

Thanks to EcoAction Arlington for being a co-sponsor.