Janine Finnell, Clean Energy Ambassador and Founder
Leaders in Energy

Shawn Silver, Vice President

Bart de Jong, Counselor for Infrastructure and the Environment
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer
Montgomery County, MD


Washington, DC, September 1, 2015  – As of 2015, the world population is 7.3 Billion and is expected to reach 10 Billion by 2050, according to the United Nations. (1) By 2025, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, with populations in the cities of Western Countries expected to climb to 80%, generating the equivalent of $1.5 trillion, collectively exceeding the GDP of Spain, according to Forbes.(2)

The “Building a Smart City” event, co-hosted by Leaders in Energy, Budderfly, WeWork, and DC Net Impact, will explore what makes a smart city, the impact increased populations have on cities, and the greater demands for more resources. We will examine how Amsterdam, the smartest city in the Netherlands, has addressed these issues, and how local cities and counties in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area are raising their game as they strive to become the next smart city. The event will be held at the WeWork, the former Wonder Bread facility, in Washington, DC, 6-8 p.m.

“The Leaders in Energy group delights in convening top-thinkers and doers to provide insights for our members on areas where our society can transition to a more sustainable energy system and economy,” says Janine Finnell, Clean Energy Ambassador and Founder. “‘Building a Smart City’ will provide members with a global and Washington, DC regional perspective on how cities and communities are using smart systems to benefit residents through innovation, job creation, and an improved quality of life.” says Finnell.

Shawn Silver, Vice President, Budderfly, LLC says, “For smart cities to evolve, buildings must become part of the smart infrastructure of the city. Budderfly’s technology can provide building owners with granular visibility to improve building performance and maximize energy savings,” says Silver.

“The Netherlands have a natural interest in Smart City concepts and technology,” says Bart de Jong, Counselor for Infrastructure and the Environment, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. “We are one of the most densely populated countries in the world and this technology really helps us to maintain an attractive, accessible, safe and sustainable environment,” he says. “We work together with partners from around the globe on the development of smart city technology because we believe that international collaboration is the key ingredient to develop the best solutions – technology and concepts that are interoperable, scalable and replicable,” says de Jong.

“Montgomery County is always seeking efficient and low cost new ways to improve quality of life and deliver services in the County, says Daniel Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer, Montgomery County, MD. “Combine that with changing demographics, infrastructure to accommodate growth, and a vibrant environment for tech start-ups and you get a community that is ripe for becoming one of the smartest in the world. It is important for us to take advantage of these factors, share what we know, and learn from others,” says Hoffman.

Leaders in Energy

Leaders in Energy is now part of the Circular Economy Network Map which is managed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Leaders in Energy engages professionals who delight in thinking about, discussing, and collaborating on energy, environmental, and sustainability topics through online and in-person networking events. We seek to attract like-minded individuals who are passionate about dialoguing, collaborating, and seeking solutions to energy, environmental and sustainability challenges. Through its 1,700 + member LinkedIn group and monthly professional networking events in the Washington, DC area, the group collects and exchanges ideas and information to build a specialized network of professionals who are interested in making a difference through transformative leadership and actions.

Budderfly, LLC

The Budderfly Energy Management System is a unique solution that allows you to measure, manage, and control consumption data for any energy-consuming load in your building. Our direct replacement outlets, light switches and other devices communicate consumption data and control commands over your existing wiring to our web-based software, all without any modification to your existing infrastructure.

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Innovation in the Netherlands is the cornerstone for our economy and society. Looking to the future, we want to reinforce economic prosperity and welfare for the benefit of future generations. This is why we are constantly working to strengthen the Netherlands’ powers of innovation and promote our knowledge economy.

Montgomery County

Thingstitute, is a living laboratory for Internet of Things (IoT) technology, provides an unparalleled test-bed for start-ups, established companies, and research institutions in Montgomery County, MD. The cornerstone project in the Thingstitute is the Safe Community Alert (SCALE) Network. SCALE seeks to test and build the County’s capacity to deliver IoT technologies to vulnerable populations.

(1) United Nations World Population Clock. September 1, 2015.

(2) Singh, Sarwant, “Smart Cities: A $1.5 Trillion Market Opportunity,” Forbes, June 19, 2014.